Tree Hazards Caused by Storms in Griffin, GA; Leaning Trees, Cracked Tree Trunk & Splitting Bark

Late summer storms are a common occurrence especially in the Southern States and Clayton County, GA is no exception. While summer showers are a welcome relief to help beat the heat they can also be very destructive. The knowledgeable experts at Milam’s Tree Service recommend making it a top priority to check your property before signs of damage become evident by paying particular attention to your landscape trees. Taking the initiative and keeping your trees cut back and healthy can help keep them strong during inclement weather. Healthy trees are much more likely to survive the strong winds and rain associated with the erratic summer storms that trees that are poorly maintained.

Signs of Tree Trunk & Branch Damage After a Storm

Dead wood: Dead trees and tree limbs can literally come down at any time. Signs to look for include leafless branches and old bark that has shed but hasn’t been replaced with new growth.
Cracks in tree trunks and limbs: Heavy wind and rain can cause tree limbs to bend and crack. Examine your trees carefully and check for splits in the bark that run into any naturally formed internal and external cavities.
Tree decay: Signs of decay include soft or missing wood. Over a period of time, tree decay will cause structural issues which can result in fallen branches and downed trees.
Weak connecting tree branches: When two or more branches grow together on the same trunk, it results in what is known in the tree profession as a weak union. Since the bark is not strong enough to hold the branches together it can result in falling limbs.
Broken tree limbs: Trees should be checked on a regular basis for broken limbs. Contact your Milam’s Tree Service professional to schedule your pruning and tree trimming appointment. Regular tree trimming will allow the wind to blow through the limbs rather than against them which can cause the limbs to split and break.
Tree root issues: Heavy wind and rain can cause your trees to sway, even causing the roots to be destroyed. One tell-tale sign that your tree is having root issues is the tree leaning to one side. A wilting tree is also another sign of root damage.
Poor tree structure: If your tree is leaning to one side or the branches are growing out of proportion compared to the rest of the crown, your tree may be the victim of poor tree structure. The unproportioned growth pattern can also be a pre indicator that your tree is suffering from structure damage or weakness.

What to Do When a Tree Branch Breaks off or a Tree Trunk Splits etc After a Storm

Damaged and defective trees are not only dangerous, they can cause thousands of dollars in property damage when they fall on homes and businesses. Keep in mind that your trees may not need to be removed completely and in many cases they can be saved and nurtured by your regularly scheduled Milam’s Tree Service trimming services. Regular tree trimming and pruning can prolong the life of your trees along with the curb appeal of your property. Summer storm surges can arrive quickly with devastating effects so be prepared by ensuring that the damage to your property is kept to a minimum by taking care of your trees.

Tree Trimming, Removal & Storm Damage Cleanup in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties in Central Georgia

For more information regarding tree trimming, and tree removal, storm damage cleanup and much more, contact the knowledgeable experts at Milam’s Tree Service today.

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