Tips for Preparing Trees for Severe Weather in McDonough, GA; Strengthen with Tree Pruning & Mulching to Lessen Chance of Trees Falling & Limbs Breaking

Summer Storm Tree Protection

Summer storms will soon occur bringing strong winds, heavy rains, lightning, and even hail. We need to make sure that our trees and landscape are ready. If trees are not prepared for high winds, they could become stressed and weakened, putting you and your property at risk. Preparing trees for extreme weather will give them a better chance to withstand storms.

Strengthen Your Trees with Pruning & Mulch Rings

Pruning your trees will strengthen them. The top of the tree, or the canopy, is probably the greatest threat to your trees health and your property during a storm if it’s too heavy. Pruning it will thin it out and remove any dead or dying branches that may break. Strong storms can really hurt a tree’s root system. Planting a ring of mulch around a tree will give it a layer of protection and will help it retain moisture by letting more water reach the roots. Keep an eye out for cavities. If you see a hole, or cavity, in your tree’s trunk you should consider this a warning. Cavities can signal problems with the overall strength of the tree, putting it at risk during a storm.

Tree Lightening Rod Protection

A lightning strike can destroy the oldest of trees during a storm. Pruning and mulching will help strengthen it and improve the likeliness it will survive a lightning strike. The installation of lightning protection can help. Lightning protection consists of a series of heavy-gauge copper cables that act as conductors. The lightning protection system funnels the electrical discharge from the lightning strikes down the trunk, into the ground and to a grounding rod buried away from the tree. This system can prevent lightning from exploding a tree’s trunk, branches or roots and causing expensive, if not fatal, tree damage.

Flooding Effects on Trees

Flooding can threaten the roots of a tree. Trees need to breathe just like us and they can’t breathe underwater. After about seven days of standing water, a tree is robbed of oxygen reaching the roots underground and can lead to root rot. Excessive water also washes away soil from the root and weakens its stability. Fill in low areas with soil before rainfall to ensure your landscape will have proper drainage capabilities.

When a Tree Falls or Limb Breaks During a Storm

During a storm, trees can fall on houses, cars, across roads and can take out power lines. When a tree falls, it doesn’t matter on whose property the tree originated, even if it’s city property. There is no liability in most cases, so each property owner is responsible for the deductible, the tree removal and any damage caused. Save money and maintain your trees so you don’t have major expenses later when they may damage your property. Try and think about the nightmare it would be to have one of your trees fall onto your home. The damage and hassle along with the time being misplaced from your home. The small steps taken to keep your tress healthy will pale in comparison of it falling onto your house.

Tree Inspections, Trimming & Pruning in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton as well as Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties in Central Georgia

The best defense against summer storms is to keep your trees healthy and strong. The stronger the tree is, the better it will hold up. Call Milam’s Tree Services before those summer storms hit and make sure your trees are properly cared for.

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