Tips for How to Save & Revive a Maple, Oak, Pine or Other Tree in Fayetteville Georgia

There are plenty of landscaping enthusiasts that take great care and pride in their yards. Well kept grass, perfectly trimmed bushes and flourishing trees are what makes the yard complete. But sometimes there is a struggle in keeping the plant life healthy and thriving, especially for those with not so green thumbs. But what can we do if we spot a dying tree we prefer to keep around?

Milam’s Tree Service has prepared a handful of suggestions to help in you save a dying tree.

– This first step is an important way to begin. You must identify the problem. Not always an easy task, but with good detecting and observing, most are able to obtain a few starting points. To save the dying tree, inspect the leaves, signs of dry, brittle or weak wood, cracks on the trunk, or any signs of decay can mean trouble for your tree. Contacting an arborist or tree service professional might be the most effective way to find any potential problems. Many things can be hurting your trees. Too much or too little water, insect life, weather conditions, or even other plant life can be effecting the health of your trees.

– Next, adjusting watering habits may be all it takes. Moisture issues are commonly at fault when a sick tree manifests. Younger trees are usually more temperamental when dealing with a watering schedule, but even mature trees are at risk. Be sure the tree planting ground has a good draining system. If water-logging is present, better drainage is highly recommended. If not enough water seems to be making your young sapling ill, perhaps installing an automatic water system is best suited for your busy lifestyle.

– Another issue needing addressing is the mulch being used. Mulch is highly beneficial when used properly and detrimental if not used accordingly. Avoid using a thick layer of mulch around your trees. If you initially thought more was best, simply rake the mulch out from the tree creating a thinner layer so the roots are not smothered. Too much mulch may also bring forth rot, insects, bacteria, and fungi. In this case, less is more.

– In addition, be mindful of the fertilizer. Using fertilizer is very useful when concerning your grass, but when you are distributing the fertilizer, shy away from getting it too close to your trees. If you are concerned your trees soil is the issue at hand, a wise move is taking the advice of an arborist or tree service professional.

– Lastly, proper pruning is a needful maintenance in keeping your trees healthy. Sometimes if a disease sets in to specific areas of your trees, pruning the sickly limbs can save your tree. Be very careful if you prune yourself as different trees require specific methods of pruning.

Professional Tree Pruning, Trimming & Removal in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton as well as Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties Georgia

Milam’s Tree Services has skilled professionals that can handle the pruning care of your trees, and if disease is present, properly dispose of the limbs. If the tree has already past away, our skilled specialists have the know-how and means to remove your tree as well. Questions and concerns can be answered in any constellation regarding your trees. Contact us today!

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