Tips for How to Choose & Plant a New Tree from a Nursery in Your McDonough, GA Yard

The outside of your house is a way to increase your curb appeal. The best way to do that is to make sure your landscaping is looking great. If you go out this spring only to find a sad looking yard it may be time to make some additions. You can have some flowers, bushes and other plants planted in the space to increase the look. Although these are a great way to increase the overall look of the house a tree makes a huge statement. A beautiful tree or even more is what a potential buyer wants to see when they start to picture their family growing there. A tree is a great addition to your home but you want to be sure to make a good choice when picking one out. If you start with a tree that is not healthy it will never be able to reach its potential. When you pick a tree there are lots of aspects to look at but the roots are the most important.

Milam’s Tree Service Outlines What to Look for When Choosing a New Tree to Plant in Your Yard

How To Pick a Bare Root: When you go to look for a plant or a tree that is a starter you have several options to choose from. You can go with a seedling that is called a bare root. The bare root is a great option if you want a small starter that you can care of to maturity. When you get a bare root you want to make sure that you look closely at the roots and take time to ensure that they are fibrous and there are plenty of small roots coming off the main root system. You also want to be sure that there is plenty of moisture and color to the roots.
Balled Roots: The next type of tree that you can get will be balled up and covered in burlap. The roots are balled inside soil and then that whole bunch will be covered up and tied off with a burlap sack. When you are looking for this type be sure that you check for the roots and be sure that they are not circling around inside the soil. You also want a nice solid firm packing and be sure that you are not getting one that has any damage. When you take the tree out and home you want to carry by the packaged part rather than then branches.
Container Tree Roots: You can also have a tree that is packed in a container. This is usually in a plastic container that has slits or slots that are open to allow for drainage. The tree will be in that container so that you can take it home and place it in the hole that you have prepared. Be sure that the roots have not started to circle the bottom of the container and that the soil is moist and fully packed.

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