Tips for Fall Tree Care in Riverdale, GA; Broken Limb Removal for Storm Damaged Trees & More

There are a lot of things that change as the seasons change. The weather is the big talk of the town and rightfully so. The weather has a big impact in terms of how you dress, where you visit and what the world looks like around you. You want to make sure you know what you need to do so that you can keep your landscape looking its best. The landscape is going to go through a lot of changes and that means that you need to know the best way to care for it so that it can survive the fall and winter and thrive in the spring. There are some people that think during the colder months trees don’t need any care because they don’t seem to be growing at this time. The problem is that if you do not care for the trees all year round they will not be ready to take on the spring weather. Milam’s Tree Service outlines how to care for your trees in the fall.

Root Fertilizer for Trees

The one area of caring for the trees that many people overlook in the fall weather is the need for fertilization. The soil that is surrounding the tree has nutrients that are in it but the soil will lose a lot of it overtime. That is why it is important to always replenish the soils nutrients. The way that you do that is to use fertilizer that can soak into the soil and in turn feed the tree. The soil should be treated all year round and not just in the spring when they are flourishing. The fall fertilization process is a bit different than other times of the year. You want to make sure that you are using a slow release so that it has time to get in the ground. The more that you can get in the ground during the fall the better the tree has in surviving during the winter months as well.

Fall Watering Schedule

You may think that now that the trees are in their fall change they don’t need as much water. The trees will start to lose their leaves and that means that they seem to not be growing. The problem is that the fall is the last time of year to treat the ground with water before the winter comes and the grounds potentially freeze over. That means that in the fall weather you want to make sure that you are giving the tree and soil around it plenty of water. The better you water the better the tree will get through the winter.

Broken Tree Limb Removal & Storm Damage Tree Care

Another problem you will have in the fall is that the trees will start to show signs of damage that you may have overlooked. The tree can have branches that are broken or not healthy and the best thing that you can do is have them removed by a professional. This is important so that the tree is healthy and has no problematic limbs going into the stormy weather.

Fall Tree Care in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Hampton, Sunny Side GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties, Georgia

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