Symptoms of Tree Drought Stress VS Disease in Fayetteville, GA & Reviving with Pruning & More

When it comes to caring for trees it is important to know the difference between drought and disease. At first glance both may seem very similar. However, with proper understanding you can determine why a tree is failing. When you want a tree to have a long and shady life, it is important to know how to treat the tree as it encounters drought or disease. Milam’s Tree Service will share the signs and symptoms of trees that are suffering from drought and disease.

Signs of Drought Stress in Trees

Drought can put stress on a tree and symptoms can appear very quickly, even within days. For those who understand trees it can be easy to determine the symptoms of drought. Often when trees encounter drought conditions, their leaves will first begin to wilt and the stems will appear to be scorched. In severe drought conditions the leaves and stems will become brown. Mild drought conditions can be harder to detect since symptoms can be less obvious. When trees don’t receive enough water for healthy growth, the tree is technically in a drought condition. With mild drought, the tree will appear weak and will not grow. This is more obvious in younger trees. Leaves will also appear much smaller than normal. The leaves will also begin to look spotty and have a less vibrant color. Other symptoms of drought is when the tree bleeds maple, which is common in maple and hickory trees. If a tree has these symptoms and remains chronic, your tree will become too weak to fight off pests and disease. If your tree is showing signs of drought, increase the amount water as well as how often the tree gets watered.

Tree Disease Symptoms

Many diseases that affect trees are caused by stress from drought conditions. Well-watered trees are much more resistant to disease. Additionally, it can be hard to determine drought from disease since they share many of the same symptoms. There are many types of disease that can affect trees and each varies when it comes to symptoms. One way to determine if the tree is diseased is when it is the only tree affected. Another sign or symptom that can point to disease is the condition of the tree’s trunk. The trunk of the tree may become cracked or even split. The bark will then bubble off of the tree. Some diseases can cause a black sandy substance to develop on the outside of the trunk. Pine trees can be affected by a nematode which is a microscopic parasite that is often classified as a disease versus a pest. Nematodes cause pines to bleed sap and by mid-summer the entire pine tree can become wilted and die. Some diseases or fungus that can harm trees are often carried by beetles and other tree pests. A tree has methods of defending itself from beetles and other pests but not the diseases they carry. To help protect trees from pests and other diseases, it is important to keep the tree strong.

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Make sure to water and prune trees to help keep them strong and resistant to drought and disease. For professional tree removal, pruning and stump removal, contact Milam’s Tree Service today.

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