Sycamore, Maple, Ash & Other Trees that Shed Bark in Jackson, GA; Causes for Peeling Tree Bark

Trees have signs of health problems much like any other living thing. One sign that a tree has a problem is when the bark falls, separates, or begins to peel or fall off. There are a number of reasons why the bark of trees will peel off and today, Milam’s Tree Service will share why this may happen to your trees.

Sycamore, Maple, Ash & Other Trees that Shed Bark

First why will trees lose their bark? In many cases, and depending on the type of tree you may have, it is normal for trees to lose their bark as they grow. Some of the species that naturally shed or lose their bark are sycamores, ash, birch, and silver maple trees. These species of trees develop from the inside out and the older bark will slip away over time. If you have any of these species of tree, and their bark falls off, it is okay. However, other species don’t naturally lose their bark. If they do, this could be a sign of some disease or problem with your tress.

Why Do Trees Shed Their Bark?

Here are some of the common problems that can affect your tree’s bark.
• Bark can begin to fall off after frost melt and a sudden swing in temperature. This combination can cause the bark to stress and fall off.
• Bark can also fall off due to an excessive heat wave. Much like frost, a sudden heat wave can stress the tree bark so badly that it will completely fall off and expose the wood or trunk of the tree.
• If the bark is showing signs of lifting or falling off along with other symptoms, such as dipping sap, cankers, or dead leaves and twigs falling off of the tree, this can indicate problems.
Some will ask if the bark is falling off the tree, is it dying? Depending on the tree’s current health you could save the tree. However, if the tree’s health is in decline due to drought, pests, or disease, and these issues aren’t addressed, then most likely you will lose the tree.

Is Your Tree Getting Enough Water & Nutrients?

The main question is what problems are causing the tree to lose its bark. If you want to save the tree, examine it for the source of the problem. Start by determining if your tree is getting enough water. Try giving your tree more water. During the spring and fall season apply mulch around the base of the tree to provide enough nutrients for the tree to thrive.

Tree Pests & Diseases

Another problem that leads to the bark falling off is pests. There are a number of pests that affect the tree’s health, especially various beetle species that burrow inside the trunk on trees. Inspect the trunk and branches of the tree for signs of burrowed holes and other pests. Lastly diseases, molds and fungus can affect tree health. Some signs that the tree is suffering from a disease or fungus can be seen in its leaves, branches and trunk. Look for mushy or soggy leaves or branches, along with black powder like sand on the tree. All could be signs of diseases.

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When a tree becomes infected, it can pose a problem to surrounding areas. Homes, vehicles, and other property damage can occur once a tree becomes unstable. If you need a tree trimmed or removed, contact Milam’s Tree Service. We can help remove or trim problem trees around your home or business. Contact Milam’s Tree Services today.

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