Summer Tree Care Maintenance in Morrow, GA; Watering, Mulching, Pruning Trees & More

As the summer weather is starting to settle in you may have a list of different tasks you need to get done. You may need to finish up planning your family vacations. You could be working on getting a summer routine set up for your kids. Or maybe you have some projects around the house you want to complete. As you write all of these items on your to do list you may want to add summer tree care to the list too. If you want to make sure your trees stay nice and healthy during the summer there are some chores you will want to do.

Mulch Trees & Shrubs

The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that you properly mulch your trees. Typically this will be done in the spring but do not worry if you have not done it already. It is not too late to mulch right now. There are many different benefits to mulching. Mulching helps cut down on weed competition, stabilizes soil temperatures, and helps conserve soil moisture. You will want to form a donut form around the base of the tree and pile the mulch three to four inches high. Make sure that you do not mulch put too much mulch against the trunk of the tree as this could cause a few issues. Here at Milam’s Tree Service we provide mulch. Give us a call if you need some!

Protect Trees from Summer Storms

You will want to protect your trees from any summer storms that may occur. The summer months are known for thunderstorms and heavy winds. You will want to take a look at your trees and see if there are any limbs that you will need to cable, brace, or remove completely.

Prune Trees

Another important step is pruning your trees. Tree pruning is something that many homeowners do not feel comfortable doing on their own. Milam’s Tree Service offers pruning services so that you do not have to worry about doing it yourself. When we come out and prune your trees we will take care of diseased, dead, or damaged branches on your trees.

Spray Trees for Insects

During the summer months there are some bugs that are more active. Most bugs are not actually harmful to trees but some can cause problems. You will want to visually examine your tree throughout the summer to see if there are any bugs that you need to be concerned with.

Deep Watering Trees

The increased temperatures during the summer months can be hard on your trees. You will want to make sure that you water your trees if they are not getting the water they need. Trees need about one inch of water per week to survive. You will want to be extra careful with young or newly planted trees during the summer.

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If you run into any problems during the summer months with your trees call us here at Milam’s Tree Service. We can help you make sure that your trees make it through the warm summer months nice and healthy. Contact us today!

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