Spring Time Tree Care in McDonough, GA; Check Mulch Rings, Remove Dead Trees & More

Spring has officially sprung and life is booming all around us! The trees are waking up, the grass is sprouting, and the flowers are blooming. This is many people’s favorite time of year, spending time outside caring for the plant life and trees in the yard. Trees provide us with much needed shade during our hot summers and help us to cool our homes by blocking the direct sunlight that would otherwise beam directly into our homes. Our trees take care of us in so many ways, so us showing them some love back by properly caring for them is of utmost importance to ensure they live long lives and don’t die prematurely. Before you can properly care for any tree, you must first understand that trees are complex and highly adaptable organisms that require plenty of water, sunlight and proper soil conditions to thrive. Certain trees can live hundreds, even thousands of years! They play an important role in the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and essentially clean the air we breathe. Milam’s Tree Service would like to share some helpful information to help you care for your trees this spring.

Spring Tree Care Advice

1: Bugs and diseases become active again during Spring. Be sure to inspect your trees for any signs of unusual pest activity or signs of disease.
2: Be sure to remove any frost damage that may have occurred this winter.
3: Check your mulch rings around your trees, if they are less than two inches thick you will want to add more so weeds and grass don’t grow through causing various problems including the tree having to compete for water.
4: During a dry spring, you will want to be sure to deeply water your trees when needed. Water is critical during this time while the leaves and shoots are developing.
5: When killing unwanted grass or weeds in your yard, be sure to check the label on the herbicide you intend to use to ensure it will not harm your trees, if so, avoid use anywhere near your trees.
6: Remove any trees that are dead to avoid any unnecessary damage to your home or family.

Tree Trimming & More in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Hampton, Sunny Side GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties, Georgia

Trees interact with their surroundings and environment. Changes in soil, light, moisture, temperature, other plants, and even insects will have an impact on the life of your trees. Proper care while a tree is young will ensure it matures well and will provide long term stability for them. Even a dying tree can be saved if cared for correctly. Milam’s Tree Service can expertly care for your trees. In fact, we have more than 20 years of experience in caring for trees here in Georgia and will most certainly be able to help you with all your tree needs. Whether you need help saving a dying tree, or simply need to trim your trees, you can count on us!

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