Spring McDonough Maintenance & Clean Up

Spring is here and with it comes the sudden urge to get your yard looking its best. Green lawns, fresh flowers and lush gardens are all on the bullet list for having a presentable landscape that you can be proud of. Often times though, homeowners neglect one important aspect of spring cleanup. The trees on your property also require proper spring maintenance!

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an absolute essential in proper spring yard cleanup. Unpruned trees can cause more than just aesthetic problems. An unpruned tree can pose a serious threat to your family and your property. Spring is also accompanied by thunderstorm season. Having a tree on your property that has not been properly pruned can quickly turn into a scary situation during a thunderstorm. Tree branches can break off during a storm and cause considerable damage to your house, car or neighbor’s property. If a tree is not properly pruned, it can become extremely heavy, making it even more vulnerable during a wind and rain storm. There are other concerns an unkempt tree can pose as well. Tree branches that grow outward and upward continually without being managed can interfere with other high objects like power lines. Tree limbs that are allowed to touch, rest on or brush against your power lines can cause serious damage like power outages and more concerning consequences like house fires. Contact Milam’s Tree Service for all of your tree trimming and pruning needs in Clayton, Fayette and Henry Counties!

Unpruned Trees are Dangerous

If you have a pet, it is most likely that they spend a great deal of their time playing out in your yard. If there are unpruned trees overhead, this could prove to be a risky situation for your pet. An overgrown branch from an unpruned tree could fall, strike them and ultimately cause them serious injuries. These same risks can pose a threat to your children as well. A falling branch could lead to bruises, broken bones or more life threatening injuries. A proper spring cleanup with professional tree pruning is an effective way to eliminate these risks.

Fast Growing Ivy

Ivy grows everywhere and can also increase the weight that sits a top your trees, making a falling branch more likely. The best way to remove ivy from your tree, is to cut the ivy on the ground, eliminating its water source. The ivy will eventually dry and wither out, falling off the tree. Professional spring tree pruning is essential. Some home owners attempt o prune their trees without the help of a professional. If pruned incorrectly, this can make your tree even more dangerous than it was before you pruned it.

For expert spring cleanup for your trees, contact Milam’s Tree Service. We will leave your yard looking beautiful and your trees will not be a threat, but an addition of landscape perfection.

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