Seiridium Canker Fungus Disease in Leyland Cypress Trees in McDonough, GA; Identification, Signs, Prevention & Treatment

Seiridium Canker is a disease that affects Leyland Cypress Trees which is a tree commonly found in many Georgia yards. If left untreated or unchecked, this disease can overtake your leyland cypress trees very quickly. By the end of the summer season your leyland cypress trees may be completely dead. Milam’s Tree Service will help you learn how to detect and treat the seiridium canker disease once it makes its presence known and hopefully, you can save your leyland cypress trees!

What is Seiridium AKA Coryneum Canker?

Seiridium canker or also known as Coryneum Canker diseases is one of the leading types of disease that affect leyland cypress trees. Seiridium canker is a fungus that spreads and will kill leyland cypress trees if left unchecked. One of the best management techniques is once a branch has become affected or begins to look dead or brown, is to remove it quickly before the fungus has a chance to spread. Often if you prevent further contamination the leyland cypress tree can overcome the disease. One of the methods the fungus or disease uses to spread is during the rain. Even sprinkler systems will assist in washing the fungus down towards the rest of the other branches. As the spores from the fungus move down the branches, they often become trapped in the bark and thus lead to more fungus growth. Even without the aid of rain or water the fungus can overtake a leyland cypress tree very quickly.

Signs of Seiridium Canker in Leyland Cypress Trees

Other than noticing a branch of your tree is brown and dead, you can also visually search for the fungus. You can often see them growing on limbs of the tree. The seiridium canker fungus looks like a sunken, dark brown or purple patch on the limb of the branch or bark. Often accompanying the fungus is a raisin from the tree acting as a defense from the fungus or disease. You may also notice that the affected branch, before it completely dies, will begin to look discolored or drier then the rest of the tree. This would be the best time to remove the affected branch before it dies.

How to Prevent Seriridium Canker

Where leyland cypress tree are prone to this disease, it is smart when planting to make sure there is a good 12 to 15 feet between other trees and plants. This doesn’t just prevent other plants and leyland cypress trees from catching the disease, but it also provides good air flow to prevent the growth of the fungus. As stated many times, you will want to trim the affected branch, but also make sure to clean and sanitize your trimmers to prevent spreading the disease. This can be done by rubbing with a cloth regular alcohol or bleach on your trimmers. Additionally, maintain a proper watering schedule. The stronger and better developed your trees are, the better chances they have to fight off the disease. If a leyland cypress tree has been either watered too much or too little, this can cause weakness in your trees.

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Milam’s Tree Service hopes we were able to provide the information needed to help battle this all too common disease. Healthily trees bring shade, beauty, and fresh air to your home and garden. We wish you luck in keeping your leyland cypress trees strong and healthy. For all of your tree trimming or removal needs, contact Milam’s Tree Service today.

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