Run Away Jackson Tree Services

There is an alarming new trend that is happening all over the country. It is a way for companies to take advantage of people; especially the elderly, and feed on their needs. We are talking about paying for services up front and never receiving the promised services. There is a slew of companies in the tree industry that are giving good companies like Milam’s Tree Service a bad reputation. They are going after people in need of tree services such as emergency storm damage clean up and tree removals and they are requiring money up front for their services. After they receive the payment they never return to do the job and stop answering calls from the homeowner. This leaves the homeowner without the service that they paid for and out of the funds that were set aside for this particular service. With all the damage from storms in Henry, Fayette and Clayton Counties recently, homeowners are being encouraged to be very careful when hiring a tree expert.

Storm Damage Tree Services

Unfortunately someone unscrupulous companies may come to your home with the tools needed to do the job and leave with your money in hand but without the necessary work being completed. After a storm you may feel that you need to clean up the debris quickly or remove a damaged tree right away and that the best course would be to hire the company that will come the quickest and cost the least amount to remove the said tree and haul away the debris. This can be where you become a victim to a contractor’s scam. Many of the companies that take advantage of homeowners show up when you may feel the most vulnerable, like after a big storm. They are also most likely unlicensed which comes with even more problems. If the contractor that you hire actually starts the job or returns to do the work and happens to get injured while working, you could be held liable for any injury and damage that is done if the company and the worker are uninsured.

Tree Service Scam Red Flags

Incomplete Contact Information – When looking for a company and the only thing that you can find or are given is an email address or just a cell number can be a huge red flag. You want to make sure that you not only have an office number and something to prove they are actually invested in the business such as a web address but you also want to make sure they are licensed and established in your local community.
Paying up front– When you have someone come out you can ask that they write up a contract which shows what work they will be doing and the cost of the job. You can also see if they have any paperwork to back up their business. You never want to pay up front for a job that has been bid. This can leave you paying for something that never gets done. A reputable company will come and lay out the job, time frame and exactly what the cost will be at every stage.
We urge you to hire a licensed and highly regarded tree service company like Milam’s Tree Service for all of your tree care needs. We are well established in Henry, Fayette and Clayton Counties and never request to be charged up front. Contact us today to talk about your tree service needs.

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