Ready to Plant Trees in Fayetteville

Trees can make any landscape look and feel more beautiful. Trees also add to the property like shade and even a place for kids to climb. Trees also are good for the earth because of the oxygen that they replenish. When you are planting a new tree it takes some time because you want to be sure that you choose a good location that can handle the size of the tree when it is full grown. Milam’s Tree Service has some tips that can help when you decide you are ready to update the landscaping on your property.

Choose the Right Tree

A lot of people want a tree that will grow quickly to fill up the space they want in a small amount of time. The problem with choosing a fast growing tree like a Silver Maple and Poplar is that they may look good with the amount of growth you can expect but then you have to deal with other problems later on. Some of the problems are that the tree can cause the ground to become bumpy because the amount of surface roots that usually grow. It will also grow fast and usually very large and need a lot bigger than an acre to allow the tree the space it needs to grow to its full potential. Milam’s Tree Service experts can help you decide what tree would best fit your land.

Pick the Place

Trees come in all shapes and sizes and you want to make sure that when you pick out the one you want you know what you’re getting. Make sure that you take into account the electrical wires and the roof of the house. You also need to make sure that you know where your property line or fence is and be sure that you can safely trim the tree without causing any trouble with a next door neighbor.

Tree Maintenance

Take time when the tree is growing to start good pruning habits. This can help the tree to grow in the shape that you want it to. It can also help the health of the tree and will allow you to keep an eye out for any disease that may set in. Watering a young tree once a week during any dry spells will not only help the tree survive, but it will create better growth and blossoms the following year. Annual fertilization in the spring of the year will also help a young tree’s growth. Milam’s Tree Service offers services that can help tend to your new trees and keep them healthy while they grow. Call Milam’s Tree Service today for a free estimate. Our expert technicians are standing by to help you with any decisions that you may need to make.

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