Pruning Trees Makes Them Less Wind Resistant During Summer Storms in McDonough, GA

Most people think that winter brings the harshest storms with it. Well, the summer months should not be underestimated. The summer thunder and rainstorms bring with them high winds that can leave even the biggest trees toppled over. They can also damage your tree and wreak havoc in other ways. Milam Tree Services is here to share some tips to get your trees ready for the summer storms that are sure to hit in the next few months.

Pruning Trees Makes Them Less Wind Resistant

When your trees are properly pruned, it goes a long way in protecting them against summer storms. Pruning the spread of your trees make them less wind resistant. When your tree is wind resistant, you can experience damage to the branches as well as the tree’s trunk. Pruning can also help get rid of the dead or diseased branches that will inevitably fall all over your yard during summer storms, leaving behind quite the mess.

Mulch Base to Protect Tree Root System

For obvious reasons, the roots of your tree are very important. These are what keep your tree anchored into the ground. To protect them, put a healthy ring of mulch around the base of your tree. This will help get the right nutrients as well as water to the roots to keep them healthy. If your tree is leaning or showing any signs of root damage, have them checked professionally.

How to Tell if a Tree is Sick or Dying

There are several signs that your tree is in trouble and could cause problems during a severe summer storm.
Weak & Damaged Limbs– The limbs on your tree that are showing signs of weakness or other damage should be removed right away. They leave your tree susceptible to disease and are a sign of a weak tree.
Waterlogged Roots– The moisture during the winter and summer can lead to waterlogged roots. When roots have too much water, it damages the root system and weakens the tree.
Forked or Split Trunks– If you notice that there is a split or fork in your trunk, it makes your tree dangerous during a storm. These trunks can topple and cause serious damage. You should never remove these splits or forks without the help of a professional tree service.
Dead Wood– When a large part of the tree is dead and no longer living, these large portions become very dangerous during summer storms. When you notice decay, hollowed portions, peeling bark or branches without any leaves on them, have a professional assess the tree and help you avoid a fallen tree during a storm.

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The summer storms that we experience in Georgia can do a number on your trees. Proper care and maintenance are key in keeping your tree safe and ready to stand strong as those strong summer winds blow. Milam Tree Services can help you keep your trees healthy and their strongest, ready to face whatever may come our way this summer. Call us today!

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