How to Properly Trim the Lower Branches of a Pine Tree that is Too Tall Without Killing it in Fayetteville, GA; Best Time & Pruning Tips

Many first time home owners attempt their own tree trimming because they think there’s not much to it but when it comes to trimming a pine tree in particular, novice tree trimmers tend to make the most mistakes. Yes, the pine tree grows much differently than other trees. This is why they need their own special trimming or pruning methods. Milam’s Tree Service will share the proper way to prune or trim a pine tree and the best time of year to trim a tree that never sleeps.

Spring is the Best Time to Trim a Pine Tree

Pines are easy to maintain when done correctly. They don’t require much maintenance but when they do, there are a few rules you should keep in mind. Pine trees are evergreens, meaning they never sleep like other trees. It is always best to prune a tree while it is sleeping. This protects the tree by preventing it from going into shock and becoming too weak to ward off insect and disease. As stated previously, pines don’t sleep like other trees. Therefore, the best time to do major pruning of a pine tree is during the spring. A fresh cut to a pine tree in cold weather weakens the tree and slows down the healing process. That is why you should prune a pine tree during the spring when the temperatures begin to warm up. The warmer temperatures help the tree heal quicker and by winter, the tree should have enough protection to withstand the winter elements. If a branch breaks and you need to cut the branch off you can do that any time of the year. Just keep in mind that major pruning should be done in early spring.

How to Trim & Prune a Pine Tree Properly

When pruning a pine tree there are a few rules you will want to follow. The bark of a pine tree is its shield from insects and the weather. So when cutting larger branches, cut it in sections to prevent the heavier branches from falling and stripping the bark off of the pine. When cutting the branch never cut the branch off right at the trunks base. Leave about an inch to half an inch on the tree. This will prevent the trunk base from being exposed to the elements and insects. Once the trunk of a pine is infected, the rest of the tree will die and sometimes very quickly. Another rule you want to consider is don’t over trim the bottom of a pine tree. Branches do not re-grow. Pines only grow up and never from the trunks bottom or base. Branches do sprout new stems and will thicken up but as for new branches sprouting from the trunk, this doesn’t happen. A lot of the time a pine tree is over trimmed at the bottom. People expect more room and new growth because they don’t like the shape of the tree. Dead or infected branches should be cut to improve the health of a pine tree. Just don’t over prune the pine tree base. If a branch is too thick then thin out stems on the branch. Avoid removing a whole branch unless it is your desire.

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Milam’s Tree Service hopes we have stressed how important it is to trim a pine tree properly. Pine trees bring green to yards all year long and they need to be handled with the care they deserve. If you need assistance trimming your trees or any of our additional tree related services, contact Milam’s Tree Service today.

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