Planting, Caring & Pruning Fruit Trees in the State of Georgia; Blueberry, Blackberry, Apple, Plum, Pear, Fig, Peach & Nectarine Trees

There is a common misconception that trees and plants should be planted in spring, when many tress are actually better off when planted in the fall. So many trees improve the aesthetics of your landscape, especially fruit trees with their charming spring blossoms. So why not benefit from the elegant blossom trees and enjoy their juicy fruit in their season? It is always best to read the labels, and ensure the fruit tree of your choice is right for your region. Fall is the most optimal time of year to add a quaint little orchard in your landscape!

Milam’s Tree Service would like to inform you on what trees are best for Georgia.

Blueberry & Blackberry Trees – A good example of beginner trees are the smaller fruits. Blueberry and blackberry trees are a couple of the simpler trees to get your orchid going. They tend to grow well and are a hardier trees.
Apple Trees – There are quite a few apple varieties that do well in most parts of Georgia. If you live in south Georgia, plant Anna or Dorsett Golden. Apple trees that thrive in the upper two-thirds of the state include Ginger Gold, Gala, Mollie’s Delicious, Ozark Gold, Golden Delicious, Mutzu, Yates and Granny Smith.
Plum Trees – Japanese plum varieties recommended for planting in Georgia are Methley, Morris, AU Rubrum, AU Producer, Spring Satin, Byrongold and Rubysweet.
Pear Trees – The best pear trees for south Georgia include Hood, Floradahome, Baldwin, Spalding and Warren. In middle or North Georgia, it is more optimal to plant Orient, Carrick Waite, Kieffer, Magness, Moonglow, Starking Delicious or Dawn.
Fig Trees – Only a few fig trees are well adapted to Georgia. Celeste and Conadria are two of the best. Extend the season by planting a late ripening variety like Alma.
Peaches & Nectarines – There are of course a wide range of peaches and nectarines that do well in Georgia, but require a little more care.

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After planting your new fruit tree, hire Milam’s Tree Services to properly prune your trees, among our many other services. Our experts know the proper care and pruning for every tree. Give us a call today!

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