Parts of a Tree & Their Functions in Sunny Side, GA; Roots, Trunk, Branches, Leaves & Crown

When you are looking at a tree or even a group of trees it just seems like nature. Most people don’t really give much thought to the world around them. We are all busy and have too many things on our to do list. One way to ensure you are still able to enjoy your time is to stop and smell the roses. Well they don’t have to be roses but enjoying nature and what the trees and other plants around you really mean to your life. They don’t just add beauty to the earth but they are a necessity in many ways. It is important to take time to care for the trees that are on your property or within your care.

Milam’s Tree Service Lists Parts of a Tree & Why They Are So Important

Parts Of A Tree: Each tree has their own unique characteristics. They have parts that set them apart and make them identifiable. The general parts of the tree are the same when the tree has reached maturity and gives us its most use. The roots are first because they are necessary to feed the tree. They can spread under the ground far and wide. The trunk is next and is the support of the tree. This is the part that emerges from the ground and stops where the branches begin. The branches are what will shoot off the trunk and build the shape of the tree. Leaves are the part that adds shade to the tree and is one of the most important markers that make them identifiable. Lastly the crown of the tree is the shape the tree that include all the upper parts combined. All parts of the tree need to be inspected and cared for to allow it to grow and continue to live.
Why Do We Need the Trees?: The list of the reasons that we need to have trees reach as far as the roots. The list of things that a single tree can do for people and the environment are endless and they may be overlooked. Firstly the life of a tree brings life to us! They produce oxygen that is necessary to have a clean and livable space. Trees are able to take in through their leaves the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and use it for energy. In large amounts carbon dioxide is deadly to people so plants are allowing us the ability to breathe easy. They also are a home for many types of animals and other life forms. The amount of wildlife that call a tree home is endless. There are squirrels as well as millions of birds that use the tree for nesting and defense. The trees also give food to other animals that are herbivories. They can eat the leaves to survive. A tree can also save you money! When you have trees that are around your home they can send shade over the home helping to insulate from sun and the other elements.

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