Outdoor Careers; Jobs that Have to Do with Trees & Involve Nature in Fayetteville, GA; Tree Service Technician, Arborist, Botanist & Horticulturist

Are you a green thumb or love to care for trees, plants and gardens? There are many people that love the outdoors and would like a job where they are able to be outside and caring for the earth. Being a part of nature and getting to be part of learning about how to treat the things that make it beautiful is a great accomplishment. Some people choose to take care of their lawns, trees, bushes and other foliage as a hobby. It can be fun and a way to relieve some stresses of everyday life. Of course doing it as an amateur hobbyist is great but there are many careers that you can take on. That way you are caring for our world while being paid for a job that you may love. There are many careers that you can move into that deals with trees and other plants.

Milam’s Tree Service Lists Several Jobs & Careers That You Can Work in While Enjoying Trees & Other Nature

Tree Service Technician or Arborist: One of the jobs that you can do in nature is to be a tree service technician or an arborist. They are the workers that will be in charge of caring for trees and other shrubs in a particular area. If you work for a company you will be assigned a home or business that you will then care for the plants and trees. Tree service technicians or arborists will be in charge of doing tasks such as trimming trees, pruning trees, planting trees and even removing trees. The trees may require more work after a storm or some strong winds. Often times that leads to broken branches that can become a hazard. You may also have to deal with a tree that has died and needs to be removed from the property including removing the stump.
Botanist: One of the most important jobs are done by the people that are researching and understanding the trees. A botanist is a scientist that will take their time studying the life cycles of trees and plants in all sorts of different species. This is a job or career that will require a degree of some sort. Botanists are important so that the arborist will know how to care for the trees and other plants.
Horticulturist: This is another career that is available for someone that wants to care for plants and trees. They often work with larger parks and property that have a substantial amount of growth to take care of. If you are working in this career you will often need to help manage other people that will work for you. The property may have many trees that may be accessible to the public and need to be healthy and safe. That means that constant inspections and trimming is so important. Broken or damaged branches will need to be removed carefully and with the proper equipment.

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