Oak Tree Roots & Damage to Concrete Sidewalks & House Foundations in Fayetteville GA; Site Preparation Planning for Planting Trees & Protecting Tree Roots During Construction

What Problems Can There Be With My Tree Roots?

If you think about it, the part of the tree that you are actually seeing standing in your front yard is really only a small portion of the tree. Obviously you are seeing the most beautiful part of the tree with leaves and branches as well as possibly flowers, fruit or nuts but there is much more to the tree and really the part that you are not seeing is the most important. The roots of the tree are what will sustain the tree and allow it to grow and flourish. The roots are what will take in the nutrients from the ground and the water that is needed. The roots are a complex system that run underground and on occasion will come above the ground. They are always in search of seating the tree more sturdy and looking for areas that have the most nutrients and water to soak up. One of the top reasons that a tree fails to grow or does not reach its potential is from root damage. There are many ways that your roots can be damaged and not allowed the opportunity to grow.

Milam’s Tree Services list ways that your tree roots can be damaged and even cause it to die.

Planting A Tree At A Bad Site: This is a huge problem and causes the roots to have nowhere to go. The large roots of a tree need to be able to get around 24 inches below the soil. When the area that is picked for the site is not large enough or the ground is not sufficient for the tree to grow, the tree roots will stay above the ground and can start to cause damage to the area surrounding it. This is when you see sidewalks start to buckle, concrete shifting and sometimes even home foundation damage. If the area is not large enough to allow the tree to grow, the roots can become damaged and the tree will not survive (not to mention the structural damage to your property).
Protecting Tree Roots During Construction: You need to take care when you are having work done around your home. If you are digging in the ground for plumbing, sprinklers, electrical or to put up a wall or post you need to be mindful of the roots that have taken hold under the soil. If there is too much damage done to the roots during the construction work, they can become unattached from the tree and that takes nutrients away from the tree itself.

Milam’s Tree Services offer tree care, trimming and dangerous tree removal if you have a dying tree in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton as well as Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties in Central Georgia.

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