Why We Need Trees in Jackson, GA; Fun & Important Facts About Trees & the Environment; Energy Efficiency, Shade, Clean Air, Wildlife Support & More

Local residential dwellings, commercial properties and community parks are full of trees. Some are native to the area, some brought in by enthusiasts that simply appreciate the beauty they have to offer. Many folks plant trees to consume the production of fruit, others use them for aesthetics while some people enjoy the shade as well as the amusement they bring from climbing, swinging, or building a tree house. But do people really know the true awesomeness that trees have to offer? Today, we at Milam’s Tree Service would like to relate some fun and interesting facts concerning trees that you may not have known.

Fun & Interesting Facts About Trees

1. Trees Product Oxygen & Absorb Carbon Dioxide. Generally, people are aware that trees produce oxygen, something learned in third grade science class. For example, an approximately 95 foot tree produces nearly 6,000 pounds of oxygen in a year, enough to sustain two people. But what you may not be aware of is that the same tree also absorbs approximately 50 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year.
2. Trees Provide Wildlife Support. Everyone has seen a critter or two that uses the safety of the trees to call home. But what may have gone unnoticed is that, for example, an English oak supports hundreds of species, including nearly 285 species of insects; all of which can provide food for birds and small mammals. The acorns, which don’t usually begin appearing until the tree is around 40 years old, are also food for boars, jays, pigeons, pheasants, ducks, squirrels, mice, badgers, and deer. A single tree supports more life than meets the eye.
3. Trees Are a Natural Navigator. Trees are more than tall hunks of wood; they can even assist in navigation. Moss will grow on the northern side of the tree trunk where it is shadier in the northern temperate climates. If that does not prove useful, discovering a tree that has been cut down might by observing the rings of the tree to figure out which way is north. The rings in tree trunks are slightly thicker on the southern side, where it gets more light on the northern hemisphere. The reverse is true if in the southern hemisphere.
4. Planting Trees for Energy Efficiency. Trees are truly a commodity. It is proven homes with a nice landscape and healthy trees can increase property value. But they can also impact the energy consumed by heating and air conditioning use. If the trees are properly planted in optimal locations, they can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 30% and save up to 25% on heating. With the shade they provide as well as the water they disperse in the air, less dependability with air conditioning is needed.
5. How Tall Can Trees Grow? The tallest trees on the planet are the Coast or California Redwood. Giant Redwoods are often mistaken for the California Redwood, and some would argue they are the tallest, but the math doesn’t lie. The tallest on record comes in at 379.7 feet, but on average the Giant Redwoods are just slightly smaller.
6. Trees Are Earth’s Oldest Living Thing. The oldest living organism on Earth is the Pando, a colony of Quaking Aspen trees in Utah. These trees are lovingly referred to as the Trembling Trees and they spread over 103 acres, estimating to weigh approximately 6,600 tons, naming them the heaviest living organism as well. The root stock is interconnected to keep them linked together and is in excess of 80,000 years old.

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Trees bring a lot joy and benefits, if properly cared for they can be a wonderful asset. With Milam’s Tree Service, we can help you properly trim and prune among other services to ensure their health and longevity. Contact us for all your tree service needs.

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