List of Common Tree Diseases in Locust Grove, GA that May Require Tree Removal if Not Treated

Anyone with trees in their landscape knows that diseases and pests are a constant threat to the trees health and preservation. Knowing about the diseases before they infect your trees can minimize the infliction and help you know how to deal with problem before it gets out of hand. We at Milam’s Tree Service would like expound on the most common tree diseases in Georgia.

Georgia Tree Disease Identification

Black Knot: This disease is typically noticed in early winter after all of the leaves have fallen and generally affect purple leaf plum trees. The tree’s limbs will often become distorted or bent as a symptom of abnormal bumps that black knot produces. Looking dark or even black, these swellings tend to be fairly dense and measure up to 1 foot in length and 2 inches in diameter. If you notice these symptoms before early, the tree can frequently be saved.
Oak Leaf Blister: Conditions develop in spring with oak leaf blister, where the conditions are wet, humid and mild. This disease affects the leaf buds of the oak trees just when they start to open. Discolored blister-like marks appear on the upper surfaces of the leaves as a symptom of oak leaf blister.
Leaves have corresponding depressions on the lower surface of the leaf that are gray in color due to the blisters that are approximately ½” wide. Thankfully this disease does not have any serious affects but can cause premature leaf drop and make the trees appear very unattractive.
Powdery Mildew: Powdery mildew is usually discovered late in the growing season and develops in the humid-hot weather. This disease greatly resembles a severe accumulation of white dust on the tree’s leaves. Powdery mildew is a serious disease, for if it is ignored and the disease is prolonged on the tree, the tree’s growth is stunted at best and worst case scenario the tree dies. Crepe myrtles and dogwoods that are growing in poorly circulated airflow are especially susceptible to this disease. If you discover any white spots or white dust-like residues on the leaves, contact a specialist as soon as possible for treatment.

Strong, Well Maintained Trees Are Resistant to Tree Disease & Pests

Though there are other diseases that can affect Georgia trees, these are the most common; additionally, pests can inflict trees that can lead to health risks or even death. With routine maintenance and consistent pruning, your trees are more resistant to disease and pests and can even be cared for before major symptoms manifest if caught early enough by an expert.

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Milam’s Tree Service is designed to prune and trim trees for increased health benefits, optimal aesthetics, ideal balance to sun exposure and to enhance their durability against extreme weather, pests, and diseases. Our technicians are more than qualified; having the training, experience, and skills to effectively prune and trim each species of tree accordingly. If your Greater McDonough, Georgia residential or commercial property is in need of tree pruning services, give Milam’s Tree Service a call and we can help you avoid any diseases or help you find the most prudent solution to any trees that might be diseased.

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