Leaving a Tree Stump in the Ground in Hampton, GA; Stumps Attract Termites, Can Regrow & More

Though tree stumps may seem fairly harmless, they can cause more problems than you may think, in addition to being obstacles and tripping hazards. These relatively small, flat, and problematic objects can be more than an eyesore in the yard. Where some trees need to be cut down, leaving the stump behind can be more troublesome than the tree. Below, we at Milam’s Tree Service would like to share the importance of removing the stumps from your Georgia property.

Bugs, Termites, Flies & Other Pests are Attracted to Tree Stumps

Pests are attracted to tree stumps. There are many pests that are attracted to abandoned stumps; termites, carpenter ants, and other such pests infest the stumps as they decay. Whether these critters use the stump for food or shelter, these pests continue to get closer to your home. Once the tree stump is consumed from the needed resources, the wandering pest will likely try to get inside your home. In any case, stumps in the yard can be an unknowing invitation for a pest infestation. Getting rid of the stumps can help reduce the risk of pests that might otherwise be attracted to the stump.

Tree Stumps Can Regrow

Stumps can potentially regrow. Very good at continuing their lines, trees in generally are remarkably resilient. It is possible that little sprouts may start popping up around a tree that was previously cut down and removing them is not as easy as simply as pulling them up. Using chemical applications, that is not recommended, may prevent them from bouncing back again and again. The much safer and effective solution for removing the stump is to professionally remove the stump.

A Tree Stump Takes Away from Beauty of Landscape

The landscaping’s balance and aesthetics are offset. Where some may be indifferent to the aesthetics of the landscaping, they are generally proud of a well-balanced and beautifully kept yard. The stumps in the landscaping can negatively impact the design and depending on the tree stump, can be a real detriment to the overall look of the yard. Having a professional remove the stump can help the yard look significantly better and well-manicured.

Tree Stump Safety Hazard

Tree stumps create severe safety hazards. People can find themselves tripping over the stumps, or tripping and landing on the stump and other such safety concerns. Ensuring there are not any stumps in the landscaping can prevent serious injuries or even potential lawsuits.

Tree Stump Roots Take Time to Decompose

The roots connecting to the tree stump can continue to cause damage to the foundation, sidewalks, driveways, and plumbing pipes and other such property damage. Too many believe cutting the tree is enough if it is the cause to damage to begin with, but the roots can continue to cause damage.

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Call Milam’s Tree Service for expert stump removal services. Our team of certified professionals know how to remove the stump carefully and efficiently, to include the roots and other potential harm and unsightly leftovers from tree. When you have a stump or stumps, Milam’s Tree Service is happy to oblige and can get the job done effectively and in a timely manner. Call us today to get started!

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