Large Size Southern Magnolia Tree Care Tips in Stockbridge, GA; Pruning Trees & More

Magnolia trees are known for their glossy green leaves, showy flowers and intoxicating scent. Magnolia trees are believed to be the earliest known flowering plants, with their fossils dating back over 100 million years. They even existed before bees, so they rely on beetles for pollination. Instead of nectar, the flowers produce large quantities of pollen that beetles use for food. The oldest trees on the grounds of the White House are two southern magnolias planted between 1829 and 1837 by Andrew Jackson. He had them planted in memory of his wife, Rachel, who died shortly after he won the election.

Southern Magnolia Tree & Other Species

The southern magnolia is probably the most well known. These trees can be grown in almost any region of the United States. From the tip of Florida to as far north as Maine and Washington. No matter where you live, there are magnolia trees that you can have on your property. Two evergreen and six deciduous species of magnolias are native to the United States. They are adaptable, and many can flourish in gardens outside their natural growing zone. They come in many different sizes to accommodate any sized garden. They can range from 15 foot shrubs to massive trees reaching heights of 80 feet or more. The shrub variety are appealing as borders and larger ones, with branch spreads of 30 to 40 feet becoming useful as shade trees. The evergreen variety should be planted in early spring. Deciduous magnolias should be planted in the fall if you live in the South and in the spring if you live in the North. Evergreen magnolias do best in full sun, deciduous varieties do better in part shade. If you live in an area of the country that experience frost after blooming begins, plant magnolias in a protected area.

Magnolia Tree Pruning & Care

Magnolia trees are very hardy and require little care but the location where they are planted is important. They have a root system that is wide spread and shallow. This means they can be damaged easily when they are transplanted. You will also have to avoid walking or cultivating closely around magnolias, so you don’t compact the soil or disturb their roots. Younger trees should be watered regularly until fully established. After that the soil should be kept moist at the base of the tree. If you discover your magnolia tree is not thriving or has yellow leaves, you may need to get your soil tested to determine if you need to start fertilizing it. While magnolias are not typical bothered by pests or disease, they can develop chlorosis, an iron deficiency that is characterized by leaves that turn yellow, although the veins remain green. Magnolia trees do not need a lot of pruning. They are usually pruned for aesthetic reasons of to remove crossed or damaged branches.

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With the right growing conditions and care, magnolia trees can live 100 years or more. Do you have a magnolia tree that needs pruning? The experts at Milam’s Tree Service have the training and skills to ensure any trees you have are well cared for. Give us a call today!

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