Importance of Jonesboro Tree Inspections

The benefits of having large trees on your property, in your yard or close to your home vary from optimal shade, cleaner air, attractive curb appeal, a place to hang your swing or even build a tree house. Trees can make your yard feel more welcoming or give you some privacy from your neighbors. Very few homeowners dislike large trees on their property, in fact most homeowners love the presence of a big towering tree in their yard, making their landscape look even more eye catching. However, large trees can pose a handful of problems for homeowners. Falling trees and branches have been the cause of tragic deaths and millions of dollars in property damage. When homeowners experience problems such as these with their large trees, they often decide to just remove the entire tree, but if the tree is healthy, this isn’t always the best course of action to take.

Professional Tree Inspection

Conducting a proper tree inspection will allow you a better outlook on determining exactly what to do with the large tree or trees in your yard. It is important to take a look at the entire tree from a place where nothing else is obstructing your view. Look closely at the tree and take your time. Some important aspects of the tree to look at are if the tree looks like it is leaning, and if so which direction is the tree leaning towards. Try to remember if it has always leaned that way, or if this has been something that has changed in only the last few months. Also check to see if there are any large dead branches in the tree. Dead branches can fall easily, causing injury to a family member or damage to your home. If you do notice that the tree is leaning and that this is a recent change that has taken place, look to see what the tree is leaning towards. If the tree is leaning towards your home, or over a sidewalk or heavy traffic area, it may be time for you to contact a professional to assist you making your tree less of a risk and more of an addition to your landscape.

Condition of Tree Root Problems

Other things to look for while inspecting your tree are its roots. A weak root system can be a sign that the tree is on its way out and is more of a risk to fall down. Even if your tree looks like it is standing up straight, a heavy wind can blow a tree that has a rotted root system to the ground. Another part of your tree to inspect is the tree trunk. The trunk of the tree is what keeps the tree and its branches standing. If the trunk of your tree has rotted out holes or cracks, the entire tree is at risk of cracking or splitting.

If you suspect there may be a problem with your large tree after doing a simple inspection, it is time to call in a professional to help assist you with trimming your tree to make it safer or to remove your tree because it has become too much of a danger to keep on your property. Milam’s Tree Service is skilled and experienced when it comes to dealing with larger trees that pose a possible problem to you or your home. Contact Milam’s Tree Service today for excellent tree management service.

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