Importance & Benefits of Trees in Urban & Rural Areas of Clayton, Henry and Fayette Counties, Georgia

There is so much to gain from trees. Since we were children, trees have always been there. We played countless hours in our tree houses and climbed them fearlessly. Numerous children even got to experience eating their favorite fruit fresh from a tree. Trees shaded picnics and were the safety base in countless hide and seek games. Now as adults, trees are still used for fun of course when our inner child is set loose. They are also used to express our landscaping tastes, still grow food, provide shade and are used countless ways in daily products. Trees give us oxygen (one large tree can supply a day’s worth of oxygen for four people), clean the air, and filter airborne pollutants. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air. Trees conserve energy too; just three strategically placed trees can lower utility bills by 50%. Trees have proven to help relax and heal. In many case studies, trees have impacted students being able to stay calm in studying for major important exams. Trees can be used as a therapy tool for special needs children. Studies also show that medical patients heal faster when they have access to trees. Trees can absorb and deflect rushing rainfall reducing the severity of floods. The benefits of trees are endless!

Milam’s Tree Service has prepared this quick guide to some of the types of trees that your yard can benefit from:

Fast Growing Deciduous Shade Trees

The best trees to plant to achieve those perfect shaded areas of your yard are deciduous trees. Deciduous trees loose leaves seasonally and maximize shade in the summer months, but still will help light shine through your windows during winter. Be sure to plant these trees on the southern and western sides of your home to block the sun during the summer. Not only will the shaded areas come in handy for outdoor activities, but mature deciduous trees growing in the right location can cut your air conditioning bill.

Evergreen Tree Fence Lines

Evergreen trees make an astounding natural fence for your yard. They require less maintenance, their leaves are year round and planting these trees can make a permanent barrier between you and the neighbor’s yard. Not only can evergreen trees make an earthy wall, but these trees can lend to buffering sound.

Spring Flowering Trees

Spring-flowering trees make any yard more appealing. Planting more eye catching trees in your landscaping can help your property value, and make selling your home a lot easier. They can also perfume the air, making your yard smell fragrant and relaxing.

Tree EcoSystem; Food Chain & Habitat

Trees impact the ecosystem as well. Keeping any tree on the outskirts of your property can lend to wildlife moving into those trees for their home. The less disturbed the trees are the more critters will likely move in. The hours of entertainment that can be had watching your pup’s concern for a family of squirrels can be quite endearing.

Organic Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are an obvious benefit to supplying your fresh fruit needs. They can help your grocery costs and add to the spring-flowering trees that will keep the neighbors ogling.

Professional Tree Services in Clayton, Henry and Fayette Counties, GA

With the vast amount of tree species populating the earth, the decision for which trees are a good fit for your yard can be mind boggling. If you are trying to enhance your landscaping and can’t decide if the evergreens or deciduous trees are a better choice, it is wise to get the advice of an expert. Milam’s Tree Services can help you in your quest by going over pros and cons to any of your tree favorites and which trees will thrive in your climate.

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