How to Tell if a Tree is Dying in Fayetteville GA; Dry Branches, Falling Leaves, Brittle Bark & More

Trees are not only visually appealing but they also offer shade, help purify the air and provide a home for birds and other wildlife. But what happens when you have a tree that doesn’t look its best or worse yet, a tree that looks down right bad? The experienced professionals at Milam’s Tree Service offer this advice; if you have a tree that isn’t looking its best, don’t ignore it. Our tree service specialists understand trees and have the education to examine and diagnose your tree for signs that it may be sick or dying.

To better assess the health of the trees on your property, our technicians will look for the following signs to help identify if you have a sick or dying tree.

Drooping, Dry Tree Branches: If the branches on your tree are drooping and appear dry and brittle, it could indicate a serious problem. Your Milam’s Tree Service technician will examine the branches carefully looking for signs of rot and insect damage. If smaller branches are light and break easily without bending it is considered deadwood and a sign that your tree is sick.
Falling Leaves: As a general rule, falling leaves are typically associated with autumn. If you begin to notice leaves that are dropping during other times of the year that could indicate that you have a sick tree. Contact your Milam’s Tree Service technicians who will examine the leaves for signs and symptoms including diseases and insect damage.
Brittle Bark on Tree Trunk: How does the bark on the tree trunk look? Holes, cracks and dents may indicate that you have a serious problem. Your Milam’s Tree Service technician can learn a lot about the health of your tree by examining the bark to see if it is pliable. Pliable indicates that a tree is healthy while sick trees often have bark that is brittle and easily removed or spots where the bark is completely missing.
Tree Root Damage: A tree that is beginning to lean can indicate a serious problem. A leaning tree is more likely to crack and fall especially if the tree has experienced any type of root damage. Your Milam’s Tree Service Technician will look for indications that the tree’s roots have been damaged including exposed roots and cracked or uplifted soil at the trees base.
Fungus on Tree: You Milam’s Tree Service technician will examine your tree for fungus which could indicate that your tree is decaying from the inside out.

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One of the biggest concerns regarding a sick, dying or dead tree is your safety. Why? Because a dying or dead tree is a weak tree, for example a tree with a shallow root system can fall during the next storm. Consider how close the tree is to your home? If you spend a lot of your time outdoors you may be putting the safely of friends and family at risk. If you have a tree that is dying as a result of disease, it is possible for the sickness to quickly spread to other trees. Sick trees also attract unwanted pests including rats and aphids among others. Your best solution is to be proactive and contact the knowledgeable experts at Milam’s Tree Service to speak with an experienced customer service representative.

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