How to Protect Trees from Strong Winds in McDonough, GA; Mulching Tree Maintenance & More

Trees can be a valuable asset for property owners as they provide a long list of benefits. Strategically placed, trees can contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency, provide entertainment, shade, food in some cases, and the major benefit of improving the air. It can be really disappointing when the Georgia weather does a number on your trees that you carefully planned, planted, and nurtured as they grow. It is frustrating to say the least when we see our efforts demolished from when a tree is mangle by the storms. Our goal is to provide the means to help them survive the severe weather conditions that pass through. Below a few tips we at Milam’s Tree Service would like to offer in order to help you increase the likelihood your tree will do better during the extreme weather storms.

Tree Health Evaluation

To establish the basics, perform a survey of your trees to develop a tree care plan. The tree in it’s entirety will need to be audited; the roots, trunk, bark, branches, and canopies. At the very least, you can have information ready to ask a professional when it comes to the proper maintenance and care your trees need, especially if severe weather conditions hit. Audit your trees annually at the least to ensure proper health and growth. This offers you the opportunity to find any disease, pest infestation, or other damage and get the problem situated accordingly with the help of a professional.

Watering & Mulching Tree Maintenance

When the severe weather rears up the trees are able to protect themselves when they have year-round maintenance to more efficiently manage their health. According to the type of tree, they need consistent watering schedules, bearing in mind younglings require more water than mature trees do. If you are not sure, contact a pro or do some research online to learn the proper water allotment. For fertilization, be sure your tree is well-mulched at the baseline. Consulting a professional can help you with mulching as well. Additionally, with the help of an expert, you can increase the durability of your unique trees.

Use Stakes to Anchor Young & Leaning Trees

When you know a storm is approaching from monitoring the weather forecast, you should prepare the small, young, and fragile trees to be anchored down properly. Prior to the storm, secure the tree with twine to the trunk and three or four 3-foot stakes into the ground. Do not take up too much slack, you want the tree to have some flexibility so it can bend some in the wind. If you tie it too firmly, there is likely going to be damage to the tree.

Remove the Tree Stake

Remove the stakes for any trees that are established and secured past the danger time. The root systems develop better when the trunk can move in the wind a bit. With the flex room the trunk itself will get stronger ultimately.

Professional Tree Care & More in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Hampton, Sunny Side GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties, Georgia

Proper pruning and trimming of the trees is essential and done by a professional can ensure it is done accurately. Additionally, if any weather damage, disease, or pest damage occurs, be sure to have a professional remove the weaknesses. Call Milam’s Tree Service today for your mulching, trimming, pruning, and tree removal needs and our certified experts will be ready to serve you. Contact us today!

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