How to Protect Trees from Frost & Winter in Sunny Side, GA; Tree Wrapping & More

The winter months mean that you need to adjust your life. The bathing suits get packed away and the coasts and gloves come out. The change in the weather is hard on people and pets but did you know that it is hard on your trees too! We are able to run to the closet and bundle up with scarfs, hats, jackets and gloves to stay warm while we are outside. We can also go in the house when it is too unbearable. The problem for your trees is that none of these things exist. They are stuck out in the weather and we want our trees to last all winter so when the new spring weather comes they are healthy and ready to bloom. There are steps you can take to keep your trees safe during the cold weather.

Milam’s Tree Service Lists Steps to Prepare Your Trees For The Winter Months

Dormant Tree Pruning: Most people think that the work they need done on trees happens when the trees are in full bloom and growing. This would be the warmer spring and summer months. The winter is when your trees will go dormant and that means they are not likely to grow or produce any leaves or vegetation. The trees need to be cared for all year round and that includes the winter. During the dormant part of the season you want to have your trees pruned. This is when the tree needs to be inspected and cared for to reduce damage. Pruning in this season is great to remove limbs that are near your home or cars. They could be a potential fall risk and often needs to be removed from the tree. The branches that are damaged also need to be removed as well. They could have disease that could spread to the rest of the tree if it is left.
How Does Cold Weather Affect Trees?: If you live in an area that has rain, snow and ice you want to be careful when looking over your trees. These are weather related ailments that can cause damage to your tree. The weight of the snow or ice is enough to cause otherwise healthy branches to break or fall. You want to be sure you keep an eye on the weather and if there are extreme temperatures or storms you are cautious around the tree. One sign that your tree is not withstanding the weather is when the limbs start to sag or droop. This can be from the excess weight or damage that occurred from the storm or weather. If you notice this happening it is best to have a tree service out to inspect and remove the branches.
Continue To Care & Fertilize The Tree: When you have trees and they are in full growth it is easy to care for them. While they are dormant some people think that the trees don’t need to be cared for. They still need to be hydrated and watered. They also need to be fertilized so that the soil is full of nutrients for the upcoming season. You also can add mulch to the root area to help keep the moisture in the ground.

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