How to Plant a Potted Tree in Jackson, GA; Remove Burlap Wraps & Wires Before Planting & Other Tips

With spring time approaching you may be considering some landscaping changes. When it comes to planting trees, there are a few rules you will want to follow to ensure success of the trees. For those who may not be aware of the proper method for planting trees, young or mature, Milam’s Tree Service will share how to plant trees and ensure the tree’s longevity.

Tree Planting Tips

1. The first step to planting trees is selecting the right site. Depending on the species of tree you plant, know its mature size and you give the growing tree plenty of room for future growth. Additionally, know your Growing Zone. Throughout the State of Georgia the zones vary with northern Georgia being around Zone 6A while southern Georgia’s planting Zone is 9A. Make sure you select the right tree for your plant zone. Also research the tree’s disease and drought resistance for your local area.
2. Many people will buy the tree before they plant it. When storing your trees, make sure it is in a shady area and you supply the tree with plenty of water. Depending on the tree size when manually moving it from one place to another, carry the tree by the pot or low by the roots.
3. Before you plant a tree, remove all of the burlap wraps, tags, and wires that may be securing the tree. Then begin digging the right size hole to put the tree in. Dig the deep enough so the top soil that surrounds the tree is slightly below ground level. The width of the hole should be three times the width of the root ball and not necessarily the width of the bucket. Before placing the tree in the hole, loosen the soil around the tree’s roots. This will help the roots spread faster.
4. When removing the tree from the pot, you can cut the plastic pot making a cross so the pot opens and you can freely remove the tree. Another method for removing tree’s from the pot is to place the tree and pot on it’s side and press down on the pot and roll the tree back and forth to break up and loosen the soil so the tree removes freely. Once the tree is free of the pot, inspect the roots. If they were growing in circles around the pot, straighten the roots so they spread outwards and don’t continue to grow in a circle. Once the tree is properly placed in the hole, fill it in with planting soil or the dirt from the hole. Place mulch about two to four inches deep around the tree and a diameter that will surround the roots. This method will conserve moisture and maintain the soil temperature.
5. Once the tree has been planted, don’t trim any of the branches for the first season. Every leaf releases hormones that encourage growth which is needed in the beginning. Water the tree once a week for the first season to supply the tree with plenty of resources for growth. Stake trees only when it is necessary. Most trees establish and grow faster without stakes. Stakes restrict the tree movement as it grows.

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After the tree is established and begins to mature, use Milam’s Tree Service to help maintain your trees. For tree care and removal, contact Milam’s Tree Services today.

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