How to Plant a Container Tree in Jonesboro, GA From Digging a Hole & Loosening Tree Roots to Removing Tree Tags & Watering Properly

If you have recently built a house, or had to cut down a tree that was unhealthy, you may find yourself wanting to add beauty to your property that only a tree can offer. If you have purchased a young tree from a nursery, they are often in a container. You may be wondering how to go about planting it and having the tree successfully grow. If you don’t take special care of a young tree, it can easily die. Milam’s Tree Service is here to walk you through planting a containerized tree.

How to Plant a Young Containerized Tree Step By Step

1. Dig a Hole for the Tree– When digging a hole to plant a young tree, you need to make sure it is big enough. Look at the container the tree is currently in and dig a hole 3 to 4 times that size. The shape of the hole should have sloping sides to allow the roots to grow properly.
2. Remove Tree from Container– When you remove the tree it should be done with great care. Gently tapping the sides of the container can help loosen the dirt and make it easier to get the tree out. Don’t pull it out too hard, since this can separate the tree from its roots.
3. Loosen Tree Roots– Sometimes if your tree has been in the container for too long, it can become root bound. If the roots are thick and completely covering the bottom of the root ball, cut an X in the bottom and four vertical cuts along the sides and this will loosen up the roots and allow them to grow properly.
4. Set Tree in the Hole– When you set the tree in the hole, make sure it isn’t going to be planted too deep. The root collar should sit just taller than ground level. If it is sitting below ground level, take the tree out and put some dirt back in the hole to ensure it is planted at the right depth.
5. Fill Hole with Dirt– When filling the hole, make sure you are packing the dirt in there firmly. You don’t want to have any pockets of air in the hole. Before putting the dirt in it, make sure the tree is in there straight as this is how the tree will grow.
6. Create Water Basin– After filling the hole, create a water basin around the tree and give it a good watering. Fill up the basin with water and allow it to soak into the earth. Afterwards, cover with mulch. Leave a 3-foot ring around the tree and place 2-4 inches of mulch to help it keep from getting too dry.
7. Remove Tree Tags– Remove any tags that may have been attached to the tree to allow it to grow properly.

How to Avoid Over Watering Your New Tree

When planting a young tree, you need to water it generously throughout the first year of its life. It should get a good watering every 7-10 days during dry seasons. The mulch around the tree should be moist but not soggy. The best way to water is slowly with a dripline.

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As your tree grows, you will need to keep it trimmed and maintained to help it grow large and full. Milam’s Tree Service offers tree trimming and pruning as well as supply mulch to keep your tree from drying out. Call us today!

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