How to Hang Christmas Lights on Large Outdoor Trees Without Causing Damage in McDonough, GA

The holiday season is definitely upon us here in Georgia. As we come out to prepare trees for the winter season for our customers we are regularly asked if putting Christmas lights and decorations on our outdoor trees and plants will harm them. Today Milam Tree Services are going to give you some information about how to create a beautiful outdoor Christmas display while still keeping your trees and bushes nice and healthy.

How to Decorate Outdoor Trees with Lights

Many times people like to wrap lights in their outdoor trees and shrubs. As you put the lights in your tree we do have some tips for you. We recommend draping the lights on your tree. You will want to wrap the lights around your trees and bushes from the base and then go upwards. Lights will look especially beautiful in your trees and shrubs if you take the time to wrap them carefully. If you have trees and shrubs that are dense you will want to make sure that you secure the lights on a sturdy branch but do not hide them too deeply in the greenery. As you wrap your trees and shrubs in lights take care not to damage tender branches or knock off next year’s buds that have begun to form on the branches. If you wrap them too tight you can cause damage when you go to take your Christmas lights down after the season is over. When you do take the lights down go slowly and be careful not to damage any of the buds that are on your tree. Do not yank the lights off your tree.

Do Christmas Lights Get Hot Enough to Damage a Tree?

One of the concerns that many people have is the heat of the lights causing damage to the tree. They wonder if the bulbs will cause the tree to heat up, think that it is warm outside, and start producing sap. There is heat in the bulbs but not enough to heat up a tree. Even if you have older lights that produce more heat this is not a concern. If your lights are newer they are likely LED-type lights. LED-type lights produce very little heat. As you can see, the heat from the light bulbs will not damage your trees or bushes.

Tree Trunk Net Lights

In addition to LED-type lights hitting the market there are also fuss-free lighting options that are available that did not used to be around. You can purchase net lights that you simply drape onto your shrubs. No walking around your shrubs in endless circles to get beautiful lights in your yard. Taking these net lights is also nice and easy for you.

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You will want to make sure that you do not put lights on your flowers or herbs. These more delicate plants simply cannot take the strain of the lights on them. If you have newly planted trees or shrubs you may want to skip those as well just to be on the safe side. Before you hang Christmas lights on your trees, a tree inspection is a great idea. We can recommend if you need any broken branches removed before the lights are strung. And at the end of the Christmas season carefully take the lights off. If you have any concerns about any of your trees after you take the lights off give Milam’s Tree Service a call. We would be happy to come out and take a look at your trees for you. Call us today!

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