History & Origins of Christmas Trees; Come to Milam’s Tree Lot in McDonough GA & Get your Real Fraser Fir Today!

It is that time of year when we have just stuffed ourselves full of turkey for Thanksgiving and brace ourselves for the upcoming Christmas season. One tradition that many people have after Thanksgiving is putting up the family Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is one of the most popular decorations that are found in a home during the holiday season. Families vary in what they decorate their tree with, some use strands of pop corn, candy canes, elegant ornaments or cherished homemade decorations that were made by young children. No matter how you decorate your tree, it brings a special feeling into your home during the holidays.

Origin of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree has been put on display in homes for hundreds of years, but where did its existence begin and when was this beloved tradition started? The first written record of a decorated Christmas tree comes from Riga, Latvia in the year 1510. Men of the local merchant’s guild decorated a tree with artificial roses, danced around it in the market place, then they set it on fire and watched it burn. The rose was used for many years and is considered to be a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Tall Christmas Trees

In 1530 there is a record that states trees were sold in the market place in Alsace, France. The trees were brought home by the buyers and placed in the main living area, however they were not decorated. The local laws at that time also limited the size of tree that you could place inside of your home to “eight shoe lengths”, which ends up measuring just over four feet tall. Today homes have been found to have ten or even twelve foot trees, especially in homes that have vaulted ceilings. The bigger the tree the better the tree has been a common standard in today’s Christmas tree purchasing. Milam’s Tree Service has Fraser Firs available from 6-11 feet tall!

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In the 1800’s, the Christmas tree was introduced into the United States by German settlers. The Christmas tree rapidly grew from table top size to floor to ceiling size. While cutting down your Christmas tree was the norm for getting your own tree, in 1851 Christmas trees began to be sold commercially. In the year 1883, Sears and Roebuck began offering the very first artificial Christmas tree. While the Christmas tree brings the holiday spirit into your home, your trees outside can also give your home a festive and spirited look. Contact Milam’s Tree Service today to purchase a real Fraser Fir this Christmas that your family will love!

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