Hazardous Tree Identification & Signs of Tree Falling Warnings in McDonough, GA; Creaking in Wind, Leaning & More

Trees are an amazing addition to any landscape. The landscape around your home not only adds some beauty to your property but also increases the air quality. If you have trees around your home or property they need to be cared for and serviced to ensure they are able to grow to their potential. They will need to be trimmed and inspected for any damage. When you live in an area that has storms and high winds there are more chances that the tree can be a hazard. Fortunately, there are signs you can check for damage and determine what you need to do to secure or remove the tree.

Milam’s Tree Service List Signs Of Hazardous Trees You Can Look For

Hazardous Tree Identification: When you go out after high winds or a storm you want to look over each tree to see if they have damage that would lend it to be deemed a hazard. You might see large branches that have dropped off the tree all together or that are hanging and broken. There could be cracks or splits around the major branches or the trunk that may leave the tree in a precarious position. Check the soil around the tree to see if it looks like it is lifting or loosened. If these are present you need to be careful since the entire tree can come down any time. Is the tree leaning one way or another when it wasn’t before? Another thing to check for is the trees that are around that particular tree. If a tree nearby has fallen over and hit the tree you are inspecting, this could have damaged the tree in question and it may be a danger. Another thing to consider is when you last had the tree pruned or trimmed. It the tree is top heavy and have not been trimmed regularly it could be a danger when a storm or high winds come sweeping through.
Emergency Removal of Hazardous Trees: If you have a storm come through and you are concerned that your trees have become hazardous you need to have an inspection. It is best to stay away from the area to keep yourself and others safe. The tree could topple over at any time so you want to be clear of the area just in case. The next step is to call a professional tree care company that has the ability to come out and remove a hazardous tree. They also need to have the capability to remove the damaged tree and limbs from your property opening the space back up. If you want to have your trees inspected before a storm to have them ready you can have a professional do that. Prevention is a great way to save your trees from serious damage and potential removal.

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