Georgia is the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World; Fun Facts Regarding the Fragrant & Flowering Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree

The Japanese Cherry Tree has been long known for its beauty, especially during the flower blossoming season. Its fragrance has inspired many favorite beauty hygiene products, and is commonly found in many shapes of art work. Though there are the popular facts everyone seems to know, there are some fun and interesting facts that perhaps are new to you.

Milam’s Tree Service would like to offer you some of these facts to better understand the allure of the Japanese Cherry Tree.

– In Japan, the Japanese Cherry Tree is known as “sukura” and it is the country’s national flower. The blossom is a symbol of renewal and hope. Cherry blossoms are the bearer of spring and are a beautiful sight to behold from late March to early April.
– There is a custom dating back centuries, that people would hold picnics under the trees, this custom is known as “hanami“, or “flower viewing“.
– There are plenty of tourist spots that display the elegant cherry tree. Kinkiaku-Ji, or Golden Pavilion in Tokyo is one. The temple was established in 1397 and is in the midst of a restful gardens.
– In Japan, there is a televised broadcast that will follow the forecast of the cherry blossom season, the country’s Meteorological Agency provides the service. There is a “cherry blossom front” or “sukura zensen“, the blossoms move north, and the journey is closely observed.
– There over 200 different cherry trees native to Japan. The most popular among them is the “Somei Yoshino“. Primarily white, these flowers do have a hint a pink, and these blossoms only adorn the trees for about a week.
– Nara Park is another tourist attraction where the sacred deer frolic. These deer are sanctioned a national treasure, and though they are not domesticated, they are very tame and friendly. There are 1700 trees and a high population of deer that tourists can buy crackers for and be a part of the magic.
– An interesting fact, none of Japan’s fine cities get the honor of being the “Cherry Blossom Capital of the World“. Surprisingly enough Macon, Georgia gets that title with over 300,000 cherry trees!

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