Flowered Trees Identification in McDonough GA; Sassafras, Redbud, Dogwood, Sweetbay Magnolia & Chaste Trees

Among landscape enthusiasts, there is usually always at least one flowered tree in their yard and often more. The tranquil beauty they offer in a single season is worth the wait. When the buds begin to show life, the anticipation and romance builds. Once in bloom it beckons for folks with a free moment to take a stroll in the yard or perhaps set up a picnic to enjoy the hypnotic view and to inhale the soothing aroma. No matter the enticement, trees featured with flowers, despite how fleeting, are a wonderful addition to your landscape.

Milam’s Tree Services would like to relate some of the more popular flowered trees for those starting their landscape or for those wanting to add more

1. Sassafras Tree Facts. An early spring blossoming tree, the sassafras has tiny clusters of small yellow flowers adorning the limbs. Being native to North America, sassafras trees are hosting larvae to a few species of butterflies and moths. When the fruit turns to an intense, dark purple from a green, birds will actively flock to consume the natural banquet. Sassafras trees grow in a willowy effect and can get 30-60 feet tall. They do well in sunny or shaded locations. Their leaves are distinctively rounded and mitten shaped. In the fall their leaves will turn to scorching orange or a radiant scarlet color.
2. Redbud Tree Description. Redbuds have dazzling magenta flowers that uniquely possess the ability to enhance the surroundings with pulsating colors. The blooms last up to three weeks in fair weather before the large heart-shaped leaves make their debut. Another North American native, redbuds are striking in any natural landscape, but are even more ominous in formal settings. They grow up to 25 feet tall, but will cease growth as they age. In the fall, redbuds are a glorious yellow hue.
3. Flowering Dogwood Tree Varieties. Blossoms are a glistening white like freshly fallen snow. When flowers form, a soft and delicate shade of pink can captivate any yard. Birds are just as attracted to the flowery branches and will seek shelter and build nests in the security of its branches. Bright crimson red berries are ready by the fall.
4. Southern Sweetbay Magnolia Trees. Southerners enjoy the thriving sweet magnolia fragrances. By the summer, flowers are small and a pale cream color. Flowers are elegantly shaped in goblet forms. Sweet magnolias are a hardy tree with bright red seeds by late summer that birds feast upon. They grow between 10 and 20 feet tall, however the further south the shorter they become. Leaves are glossy with heavenly silvery undersides. With the unique coloring leaves look like soft shimmers during a gentle breeze.
5. Chaste Trees Growth Rate. Blooms occur in summer, where the dazzling lavender flowers glorify landscapes. Flowers are approximately 6 inches of spiked luscious wands with a charming and lively presence. Trees can be 20 feet tall and nearly just as wide. This tree is a perfect addition to any yard as it requires little maintenance and can continue to thrive with little to no water.

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