Flooding Effects on Trees in McDonough, GA; Poor Soil & Decaying, Wilting & Falling Trees

The weather outside can become treacherous with the different types of storms that come in. There are storms that are making headlines with earthquakes, tropical storms and hurricanes to name a few. When you are in an area that might have significant levels of rain you know that a flood is imminent. Many places can be affected from a storm that comes in from the ocean and makes landfall in and around your area. The flooding and the wind can stretch out much further than where the storm hits and that is why many homes can be affected all around the area. Flooding can also occur when you have a storm that brings in rain quickly. There is a lot that happens when you’re in a flood, firstly being getting yourself to a safe place. Then you want to try and protect your personal belongings and then start to recover. You may not be thinking about how the flooding has affected your trees and your landscape but there can be some damage that is being done.

Milam’s Tree Service Offers Tips to Help Your Trees Survive Flooding

How Much Flooding Is There: When you are dealing with a flood you first should know the extent of the flood. Is it a downpour that will be able to soak back in the ground in a few days or are you in an area that has been flooded from a hurricane? The water that you are dealing with will have different effects on the trees and the other landscape depending on how long the water will be around the area. Once the storm has subsided you can start to look at how it will take for the water to move out.
Isn’t Water Good For Trees?: It seems like when you learn about trees and what they need there are a few things on the list. The first is that trees need to have sunlight, soil and of course water. You might wonder why water can then be a bad thing for the tree. The problem is only when the water has hit a level that it is saturating and moving nutrients out of the ground.
Effects of Flood on Trees: The water is good for the tree when it is used to plant it and water it for growth. The problem is when the tree is covered with water and it is not dispersed fast enough. The first problem is that the tree will start to grow mold and other disease that will cause the tree to decay. The other problem happens to be the roots of the tree. The ground will be over saturated and that will result in the ground becoming too soft. The soft ground will not be enough to keep the tree standing upright and it can eventually lead to the tree falling down. Then you have to have the tree removed and taken out of the area. This is best done by a professional for safety purposes.

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