Famous Trees Around the World; the Georgia Tree that Owns Itself Lives On, Support for the Anne Frank Tree After Storm Damage & Hope for Ashbrittle Yew Tree

Trees are one of nature’s most reliable resources for mankind. They provide the means for an endless list of products, excellent source of fun for children wanting a tire swing, a jungle gym or a rope swing to dive into the local water holes. Trees are also a frequent element where romance evolves; the first kissed under tree, the two lover‘s initials with a heart carved into the trunk, a peaceful cuddle zone on a hammock. Trees also provide an abundance of shade, a family picnic, fruits and nuts to eat, along with amplifying the world with its beauty and charm.

Here are some famous trees found around the world that Milam’s Tree Service would like to detail.

1. The GA Tree That Owns Itself. Where this may not make National Geographic standards, we felt it only right to include one of our own famous Georgia trees. Many Georgians know the story, but we are going to address it anyway. On top of a steep hill, where Dearing Street and Finley Street intersect resides “The Tree That Owns Itself”, one of the most unique property holders recorded. Lucky enough, the oak tree is exempt from taxes and rests in an 8 foot by 8 foot enclosed garden of sorts that is protected well by the community. It has been recognized in magazines and newspapers across the globe for its unique guardianship. Back in the early 1800’s, this particular tree was found on Col. William H Jackson’s land. He was a professor at the University of Georgia. The legend suggests that this man loved the tranquility and peace this oak had to offer that when he died, he deeded the tree to its self, along with 8 feet of land to rest on. It has since preserved until October 9, 1942 where after fighting disease and becoming weak it succumbed to a terrible windstorm and died. Thanks to the fast acting Junior Ladies Gardening Club, an acorn derived from the fallen tree took its place as a surviving heir, and is still treated today as the original.
2. Support for the Anne Frank Tree. For two years, a tree stood in view of Anne Frank’s window while she was in hiding. It became her focal point in the longing of freedom she so terribly desired. It is one of the oldest trees in Amsterdam, but in 2007 it was losing a battle with disease, and was scheduled to be cut down and removed for safety sake. The neighbors and enthusiastic supports banded together to provide the health care and iron support constructs to keep the historical tree from being removed. It held true until August of 2010, where a violent storm passed through and wind gusts were able to knock it over. The stump remains, and germinated saplings were planted in sites around the world.
3. The Ashbrittle Yew Tree; Britain’s Oldest. In a remote village of Ashbrittle, one of Britain’s oldest living things rests a sprawling Yew with seven trunks. This tree growing in St. John the Baptist churchyard is believed by leading experts to be between 3500-4000 years old. To give you perspective that would mean it had already reached its maturity when Stonehenge was constructed. The tree is a local treasure, and many believe that a pre-Christian chief is buried under the mound the tree sprouts from. Currently, the Yew is struggling through a rough patch. Some believe it may not survive, where others are certain it will continue to thrive on for centuries to come.

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There are countless other famous trees found around the world that will no doubt create wonder and amazement among the masses. Milam’s Tree Service professionals offer a wide range of tree care services, among them is tree pruning or shaping. Trees hit from terrible storms or inflicted with disease need special attention to avoid hazardous injury or damage. Call us today for your tree services!

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