Falling Tree Limbs in Hampton Georgia and Surrounding

With so many rain showers and thunderstorms occurring this summer, the threat of broken and damaged tree limbs is a very real danger and a concern for home owners in Georgia. Whether you hear the crash of a falling tree limb or you wake up after a summer rain storm, you may find yourself in the position of needing emergency help, especially if the tree has damaged your home, fallen on top of your car, or blocked access out of your drive way. Help is but a phone call away. The professionals at Milam Tree Services can remove the fallen limbs from your property and help prepare and restore your damaged tree to help it heal and grow back to its former natural beauty. Milam Tree Services, Inc., is a family-owned and operated full service tree company located in McDonough, Georgia, with over 20 years experience in the tree service industry.

The experienced technicians at Milam’s Tree Service have prepared the following tips to help you be prepared for falling tree limbs this summer:

1. Observe the situation from afar – Do not approach the tree until you are absolutely sure there are no damaged power lines down around the area. Never walk under a damaged tree; other damaged limbs may be ready to fall. Falling tree limbs can be fatal so always be cautious and evaluate the situation carefully.
2. If the limb is especially large or low hanging, contact Milam’s Tree Service as soon as possible. It can be dangerous to try and cut down large broken limbs yourself especially if use of a chainsaw is involved. Your Milam’s professional has the right equipment and training to handle large and dangerous tree limbs.
3. If the damage to your tree is minimal and involves smaller limbs that are easily handled, the Arbor Day Foundation recommends trimming back the smaller jagged branches to point where they meet the larger branches. This step will help reduce the risk of limb decay. If a larger branch needs to be trimmed, it should be trimmed back to the trunk. Contact Milam’s Tree Service to have the branch professionally trimmed for you.
4. Trim back any broken, damaged or splintered bark – these areas can become nesting places for insects and other pests. Remove the jagged pieces of bark that have split away from the trunk but don’t trim back so far that you cut into the green inner part of the tree.

Professional Tree Services

Trees have an amazing ability to recover from damage so don’t worry about the aesthetic appearance of your tree. With the attention of a Milam Tree Services technician, your tree will soon be back to its former beauty. When high winds and thunderstorms strike this summer season, don’t despair, contact Milam Tree Services today and speak with a customer service professional about tree limb removal and all of your other tree servicing needs. Milam Tree Services, Inc. guarantees all work and is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Any tree, anywhere, anytime, truly a family treedition!

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