Do Tree Stumps Need to Be Removed in Jonesboro, GA? Lower Home Value, Tripping Hazard & More

There are always times in our life that a tree may end up downed for one reason or another. The trees that are planted and cared for on our property are there for many reasons. One of them is to bring beauty to our home and property. Another is that it can help to shade our home from the sun and wind which helps keep our homes cooled more efficiently. When a tree is mature, depending on the species, it can be quite large. If it is taken care of properly and looked after any signs of damage are often found and taken care of. Even with the best cared for trees can come down during a storm. When the tree falls to the ground the cleanup can be very difficult. There are leaves, branches and trunk that need to be removed from the property. After you have had a tree down and have all the debris moved off your property you are stuck with a stump. The stump is something that has to be taken care of separately. Some people choose to leave the stump but there are some great reasons to have it taken out.

Milam’s Tree Service Lists Reasons to Have a Tree Stump Removed From Your Yard

Leaving a Tree Stump in the Ground Lowers Property Value: When you have a full grown mature tree in your yard or on your property it adds value to the home by increasing the curb appeal. If that same tree is gone and all that is left is the stump it can actually lower the value. The stump becomes an eye sore and is something that nobody wants to have in their yard. Some people choose to use the stump for a project like a table or other craft project but you still want to take it from the yard.
Tree Stumps Are a Tripping Hazard: When you walk through the yard and there is a hole people tend to trip on it. If there are roots that have risen to the surface of the ground they can be a tripping hazard as well. If you have a stump in your yard even if it is cut low, it is a hazard. One problem when it is low is the stump might be hard to see and someone can trip. They might hit the stump and become injured. If the stump is left high up and someone is playing in the yard they can be hurt as well.
Tree Stump Makes Yard Work Harder: Another problem is that when you go to take care of your yard work and chores, the stump will actually add more work. The stump will impede the progress when you are trying to mow the grass. It can make more work when you want to weed the yard. Lastly when you are trying to rake, mulch or do any yard work you are stuck going around this left over part of the tree.

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