DIY Tree Trimming Dangers VS a Professional Tree Pruning Maintenance Plan in Lake City, GA

When it comes to properly manicuring the landscaping, some people try to skip the trees care by formally trained professionals. Where the overall care and maintenance of the property can be expensive, hiring a professional to take care of the trees might be hard to include if the budget is tight. As a result, many take on the tree maintenance themselves, or ignore it all together. In an effort to save money however, the results are often undesirable unfortunately. With poor tree trimming comes many associated dangers. Ultimately, tree services are very affordable and tree trimming, and pruning should be left to a formally trained and certified professional. Today, we at Milam’s Tree Service would like to share the consequences of poor tree maintenance.

Hazard of DIY Tree Trimming

At some point, if you have trees on your property, it is likely they will need to be trimmed or pruned. As a hazard to other structures nearby, including your garage, home, or fence, trees branches can grow to excessive lengths. One of the best ways to lower the risk of property damage by hazardous trees is by keeping the branches pruned and controlled to shorter lengths. However, doing the pruning yourself can have the same result if you accidentally let them fall onto homes, fences, vehicles, and other elements below. Letting a professional ensure they are pruned correctly can prevent damage from happening in the process.

What Happens if You Cut All the Branches Off a Tree?

The most common mistake untrained people do when trying to prune their trees is over pruning. When trees are drastically trimmed or pruned, they can be left vulnerable to disease, pests, and other threats. When trees are pruned, no more than 30% of the foliage removed at one time is modestly recommended. Detrimental effects on the tree itself can occur from over pruning or removing more than 30% of a tree’s natural foliage. The surrounding property and structures are in danger in addition to the tree’s overall health. Decay can be the result of poor trimming. In the sense that the branch must heal after the process, cutting a tree branch is similar to cutting one’s arm. The tree’s health will be negatively impacted if excessive cutting occurs that leads to decay. Also, the food and nutrients are reduced when a large percentage of a tree’s foliage is removed. Necessary for the tree to continue to produce the food it needs to thrive, the foliage, produced through the process of photosynthesis is vital. As mentioned, poorly trimming the trees can lead to surrounding property damage, and not just from improperly falling hazards. Causing undue stress on branches, excessive trimming alters a tree’s natural balance. Branches that are stressed are far more likely to fall off on unsuspecting passerby people or structures or property below. Additionally, the trunk to canopy ratio of the tree can be off when multiple branches are trimmed improperly. The tree will not be unable to withstand environmental stresses such as wind and other forces. With the trunk, as well as the roots compromised from improper balance due to over trimming, the tree is highly likely to fall over with strong gusts of winds.

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Proper trimming at the right time of the year will keep the tree healthier, allowing enough nutrients to keep it strong to weather the storms, pests, and even diseases. To ensure your trees are properly trimmed and pruned, call in the experts of Milam’s Tree Service!

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