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Just like all living things, trees require a loving touch to stay healthy and beautiful. There are many misconceptions when it comes to caring for trees and the experts at Milam’s Tree Service strive to educate their clients and provide a customized service to caring for the trees on each client’s property. Some of the practices that can shorten a tree’s lifespan include improper planting which makes the trees vulnerable to insects and disease and improper pruning techniques such as removing the topmost branches which can cause the tree to overcompensate by aggressively growing new spouts. This sudden growth creates weak branches that will eventually break off and fall down.

The knowledgeable tree service personnel at Milam’s Tree Service have provided the following tips to keep your trees healthy and in tip-top condition all year round.

Dig the correct sized hole for your new tree – One of the most common mistakes that can be made when planting a new tree is to dig the hole too deep. A tree that is planted too deep will not grow to its maturity and its height and spread will be stunted. Dig a hole that is two to three times wider than the root ball, loosen and spread the roots out if they are compacted. Compact roots are a common feature found in trees purchased in containers. Don’t be overly concerned about disturbing the roots. Dig the hole as deep as the root ball for a comfortable fit but no deeper.
Get rid of any excess soil around your newly planted tree – Many trees purchased in containers or balled and wrapped in burlap have loose soil on top of the root ball. Remove the soil until the top of the root is showing and the root flare is exposed. When the tree is planted, the root flare should be visible. Covering the root flare with soil causes stability issues and will affect the long term health of the tree.
Completely remove burlap or wire cages from around your trees roots – A common misconception is the length of time that it takes for burlap to decompose and the truth is that it can take many years. Remove it completely along with any twine. For wire cages, use small bolt cutters to remove completely. Any type of root covering can affect the root growth. The goal is for the tree to be able to stretch unburdened by any obstacles that could be wrapped around the root system and potentially affect the growth path.
Apply Mulch Correctly – The correct way to mulch is six to eight inches away from the tree’s base. Mulch can protect your trees from potential injury caused by lawnmower damage but avoid stacking mulch up against the trunk which can result in an overly moist environment. Moisture leaves your tree open to fungus and insect attacks.
Never stake a tree and then forget about it – When a tree is planted correctly, there is usually no need to stake the tree for a period longer than one year. Staking can weaken the tree and is an open invitation to insects and disease.
Never top trees yourself – incorrectly topping can weaken the tree as well as cause unstable growth that can break off and become a hazard. If you are interested in reducing the size of a tree, contact the professionals at Milam’s Tree Service to correctly prune and trim.

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