Difference Between Tree Pruning & Trimming in Locust Grove, GA; Removing Dead Branches & More

Your home is only part of what makes up your property. You also have a lawn, yard, planters and trees that make up the look and beauty of the space. You want to make sure you care for your property and your plants. One of the plants that need your attention to ensure they are able to grow and survive without becoming a hazard. Trees are a huge part of the ecosystem and can be a great benefit to a homeowner. They offer shade and cover that can reduce your energy usage and saving on your electrical costs. If you are not caring for your trees they can become damaged and eventually fall leaving devastation in their path. There are lots of aspects of caring for your trees that should be done that you may not even know why. They each have a part to play in the care and the growth of the trees. Milam’s Tree Service explains the difference between pruning and trimming your trees.

Tree Pruning Definition

There are things you have to do to care for your trees. One of them happens to be pruning the trees which needs to be done at the right time of year. When you have a tree pruned it is done so that the tree can be protected. When you are having your tree pruned it involves a professional coming out and taking off the dead branches as well as loose branches that could fall off the tree. We will also come out and trim away parts of the tree that may have some level of infection that could spread to more areas of the tree. The pruning is needed when you want to care for your tree.

Tree Trimming Services

The other aspect of caring for your trees is having them trimmed as well. The trimming of a tree is different than when you have the tree pruned. When you have someone out to trim the tree the reason and what they are doing is different. The tree has to be trimmed to ensure that the shape and the size of the tree remains in line with what it should be. The tree will have too much overgrowth and that can stop the tree from getting the light and moisture it needs. This can start to prevent the tree from being able to flourish the way that it can.

Who Should Prune & Trim Your Tree

If you think you can go out and just take off a few branches to prune or even trim it down you could be causing damage. The tree trimming and pruning has to be done by a professional that knows where the branches can be trimmed and removed so that it can continue to grow. The professional tree care service technician has the ability to recognize damage to the tree that should be removed so that it will not spread.

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