Debunking McDonough Tree Myths

If you cross your eyes and the wind changes, your eyes will stay crossed! Have you ever heard a silly statement like that and wondered where it came from; and more importantly if there is any truth to it. There are many old wives tales and myths that have people tricked into thinking they are making right decisions when they are most likely being fooled. Milam’s Tree Services has prepared this list of myths about tree and lawn care that may have you doing things wrong.

New trees need to be staked – This is actually untrue! This is not necessary for new trees and is often just added as an extra which adds to the cost of lawn care.

Branches will grow back when cut off This is just not true! If you go after your tree and just start trimming branches off you may end up with a tree that looks unbalanced and could have bare spaces. New limbs will sprout and grow, but they may not grow in the spot where you took them from so having knowledge about the growth of the type of tree and where to trim would help save the look of your tree.

Filling tree cavities with concrete strengthens trees – This was something that was done often and landscapers believed filling cavities would help with the strength of the tree itself. It has now been found out that it is very harmful to add concrete to tree cavities. This can leave the tree vulnerable for disease and decay.

Tree topping reduces hazards This is also not true. Improper tree topping is bad for any and all types of trees and never help with the health of the trees. When the top of the tree is improperly removed it actually causes the tree to lose the ability to take in the nutrients that it needs. It also makes the tree have even bigger possibility for falling hazards since the new growth at the top will be weak and can easily fall.

Diseased branches will come off on their own. This one is actually true. What you can bet is that the dead or diseased branch will fall off on its own. What you cannot know is when or where it might happen. It could come down on top of your home, car or even a person walking by. It is best to take care of branches that are diseased or dead to make sure they don’t become a dangerous hazard.

Milam’s Tree Service are experts in tree trimming and removal. We can assist with all your tree service needs. Contact us today!

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