Creative Outdoor Tree Stump Ideas in McDonough, GA; How to Decorate in Front or Backyard

Healthy trees are always preferred as they offer shade, beauty, and other environmental benefits. However, circumstances and events occur that might kill off the tree, resulting in a tree removal … and a stump in your otherwise perfectly organized landscape. Where you might be considering contacting professional assistance to get the stump removed or ground down, there are other solutions by using your creativity to transform the ugly stump into a decorative asset in your landscape. Milam Tree Services would like to take the opportunity to share some ideas that you can easily do make the stump an impressive accessory instead of an eyesore.

How to Decorate a Tree Stump in Your Front or Backyard

1) Design a Planter: Hollowing out the stump can create a natural planter for flowers. If the stump is relatively high, hang smaller pots on the exterior to portray a beautiful hanging garden.
2) Board Game Station: The stump can be used to keep your kids busy or entertain the child at heart guests. You can paint in a chess or checker board on top of the stump or even something more basic like tic-tac-toe game board with painted rocks as the markers; not only making this a crafty piece but an entertaining one as well.
3) Keep it Natural: The stump can be kept in its natural state and enhanced with strategically placed grass, rocks, flowers, or other natural elements to dress up the focal point of your landscape. The stump can also provide a perch in its natural state for a fountain or bird bath.
4) Plant Stand: Where it does require a little work, the stump can be transformed into a plant stand. An attractive container set firmly on top of the plant stand an even naturally dressed with crawling plants and so on will make it perfect.
5) Bird Mansion or Hotel: Break away from the single bird house and install an impressive bird bath in the center and attach a few bird houses trailing up the stump to not only provide shelter for the birds but also to allow you and the kids to get a closer to watching the birds.
6) Furniture Conversion: A tree stump makes a sturdy seat or table. You can visit a local home improvement store or thrift shop and attach a chair’s back to the stump as well as the seat to make it more comfy and paint it to blend together. The table idea also works to serve guests with appetizers or drinks, or even let the little ones hold a tea party. No matter if you opt to use the stump for your table or for the kids, the possibilities are endless to decorate it.
7) Pavers: Designing the tree stump into pavers can add beauty and interesting layers to amplify your outdoor sanctuary. Larger stumps especially are ideal to create pavers by cutting the stump into simple layers, or even get more intricate and make a garden path with the pavers.
8) Fairy Houses: The fairy house trend is starting to catch on. Surround the stump with charming stones, elegant plants and little doors or a window to camouflage the stump into a home for the fairies.

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