Commercial Tree Care Mistakes in Flippen, GA; Poor Pruning of Trees, Too Much Mulch & More

Commercial businesses often trust the care of their grounds to a janitorial team where they make sure the trees are properly maintained among the other landscape needs. But there are several mistakes that commercial properties make concerning the care of their trees, which often result in damage. At this time, we at Milam Tree Services would like to share a few common mistakes that are being done to commercial trees.

Commercial Tree Care Mistakes

Inadequate Tree Planting: It doesn’t matter if a tree that was freshly planted or planted years ago when it concerns the way it was planted. More often than not, trees are being planted too deep into the ground, resulting in development problems. A sure a tree has been planted too deep is if a tree trunk that comes straight out of the ground with no visible root flare. Shallow soil where ample water, oxygen and warmth are available is essential for tree roots survival. When the roots do not get proper exposure to the essentials from being buried too deep, they struggle to grow. In some cases where the tree was buried too deep the roots create girdling root, which is when they begin to grow up and back toward the trunk. This will restrict the circulation of nutrients and water throughout the tree.
Irrigation Efficiency: Limiting the tree’s ability to grow healthily derives from reduced photosynthesis, which is often due to too much or too little water. Commercial property owners often use irrigation systems to monitor the water usage in their landscaping, including their trees. Unfortunately, most never adjust their irrigation timers to meet the tree’s needs or adjust for weather or seasons. The irrigation system must be scheduled to meet the needs of the individual species and be adjusted for prevailing weather.
Excessive Mulch: A common myth has recently been developed because too many people have seen where too much mulch piled high against the trunk is how it’s supposed to look. Excessive mulching actually does your tree more harm as this approach keeps the tree’s bark moist. Bark is susceptible to fungi, insects and decay as the continuous moisture is not tolerated. Applied from just off the trunk is how a 3-4” layer of organic mulch, wood chips is optimal, can help moderate soil temperatures and conserve moisture without injury to the tree.
Poor Tree Pruning: Both the form and growth of the plant is altered by pruning. Less foliage is available to support growth and development after trees are pruned. Incorrect pruning of even one essentially large limb can cause significant damage that can easily be irreversible. Branches that are prone to failure or deadwood can be caused from improper cutting, including topping. It is essential that the trees are prune d accordingly to their species and for health purposes. It is best to leave the pruning of your trees to a trained and licensed professional such as Milam’s Tree Services.
Misuse of Lawn Moving Equipment and Machinery: The bark and underlying cambium layer can be irreversibly damaged when lawnmowers or string trimmers bang, gouge or scrape a tree. The cambium layer impacts the flow of water and nutrients throughout the tree from mechanical damage. Additionally, the wounds allow for wood-rotting organisms and decay fungi. Because the grass is regularly maintained, repeat damage is highly likely, which in turn, furthers the compound problem.

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