Can You Save Trees from Termites in Griffin, GA Via Dead Tree & Stump Removal?

When hear about termites, most generalize termites to homes and businesses as they silently destroy the wooden elements of the structure resulting in incredible damages. Throughout the United States alone termites are responsible for millions if not billions of dollars in damages a year. But what is often not talked about too often is the fact that termites can equally infest trees as they do buildings. With that in mind, we at Milam’s Tree Service would like to touch on the termites that can be potentially your trees.

Do Termites Eat Live Trees?

The fallen trees and decaying stumps found in nature are cleaned up by termites, with that being of the few benefits termites have in the world. Subterranean termites are usually the likely offenders and are plentiful in Georgia. With the exception of Antarctica, termites can be found throughout the world with over 3,000 species. Termites in general, eat cellulose materials, or plant life, especially wood. Some termites prefer the soft moist wood, where others target dry wood, and though they have the basic appetite, they do have different living habits. Subterranean termites for example, require soil to get the moisture they need to survive. As a result, their colonies are found in the ground and they set out to forage for food, packing the tunnels they carve from the wooden structures with soil as they go. Coming upon a tree that is weak is often invaded by these termites. Considering that a colony can have 250,000 members in it and they are active all year long makes it understandable how quickly they can devour wood.

Signs of Termites in Trees & Stumps

There are several species of termites that will consume trees and though they prefer the decaying wood, they will still harvest healthy trees. Their activity will leave evidence of their infestations such as seeing piles of wood shavings at the base of the tree, tiny holes in the bark, tiny white specs that are their eggs, bodies of deceased termites, discarded wings from the swarmers, or future kings and queens that leave an established colony to start anew, as well as shelter tubes constructed of mud on the trunks of the trees. Noticing any or all of these indicators point to a nearby colony that might be discovered simply by taking a shovel and digging around the roots just below the soil line, exposing the termite colony. Removing the termites is the first priority and professional assistance is encouraged when it comes to termites. However, discovering termites in your trees requires a little more control steps, especially if you opt to take on the removal yourself.

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All infested and pruned limbs need to discarded properly. Infested tree stumps need to be pulled out, and any nearby wood piles should also be disposed of. Ensure that weak trees that are past saving and dead trees are removed from the premises. To keep your home safe and your trees alive, call in the professionals of Milam’s Tree Service and let our specialists determine the extent of the damage of trees to see which need pruning and the ones that need to be removed.

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