Can You Save & Fix a Broken Branch, Damaged Trunk or Split Tree After a Storm in Sunny Side, GA?

Storms are not something that has a season. The weather has a mind of its own and can decide to throw some real weather at you in the middle of a hot summer day. The weather changes and a storm is an occurrence that can happen in the summer, winter, fall and even in the spring. You need to be prepared for these storms in many difference instances. The bad weather can knock out power which you need to be ready to take on. Weather is also one of the top reasons that people suffer from downed trees and limbs. Your landscape needs to be inspected, treated and even cared for after a bad storm. There are ways to make sure your trees are ready for a storm but if the tree happens to fall or become damaged you need to know what to do.

Milam’s Tree Service Explains How a Storm Can Affect Your Trees & How to Repair if They Become Damaged

What Can Happen to Your Trees During a Lightning or Other Storm?: When there is a storm in your area there are some problems that can occur to your trees. The tree can suffer from damage such as broken limbs and branches. The tree can also be damaged so much so that it is downed. That means that the entire tree can be broken at the base of the trunk and become toppled over. This can happen when the storm has high winds, has been hit by lightning and even when there is a lot of rain in a small amount of time. The damage, whether it is small or large looking needs to be inspected by a professional.
Call for a Tree Inspection: When your tree is damaged and you can physically see the problems it is best to contact a professional. The tree may not look extremely damaged but it can be a real hazard. A large branch or even the tree itself can end up falling on a person, house or other object that might be in its path. The professional will be able to come out to the house and look at the damage and condition of the tree. They will need to determine what treatment will need to be done to take care of the problem.
Can a Damaged Tree Be Repaired?: Once we have looked at the tree and determined a course of action you need to know what comes next. The process may include removing just the limbs or branches that are damaged to keep the tree safe and secured. The limbs can be removed and taken away by the tree care professional. If the tree has to be fully removed it can also be done by a professional. The part of the tree that is downed will be taken out and loaded on a truck. The stump of the tree is an entirely different aspect and takes specialized equipment to do the job.

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