How to Install & Spread Long Needle Pine Straw Like a Pro for Mulch & More in Monticello, GA

Creating the pine straw is done, as the name implies, from the needles shed throughout the year that derive from pine trees and the pine needles. As an environmentally friendly option for landscaping enhancement and mulching, pine needles are harvested as they are naturally dropped to the ground. Contributing to the prevention of soil compaction…

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Tree Care Tips for Weak Trees in Fayetteville, GA; Fall Tree Trimming, Pruning, Mulching & More

Many people take great pride in their landscaping and take great care of their trees. Wanting your trees healthy and looking their best is a common goal among homeowners. Reviving a tree’s health that looks near death can be very challenging, especially on the circumstances. Early detection can help preserve the trees and today, we…

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