Best Yellow, Gold, Orange & Red Autumn Fall Color Trees in Fayetteville, GA; Ginkgo Biloba, Smoketree, Katsura, Sugar Maple & Eastern Redbud

With the continuous blast of heat and humidity experienced in the southern states this summer, now that fall is here, many of you may already be thinking ahead to the cooler weather. One of the things that patriots of the south look forward to is leaves turning and the vast array of golden red and orange foliage that can be found in the North Georgia Mountains. If you are interested in bringing a little color closer to your home you can ensure that your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood by planting some trees or shrubs that will put on a great display during the fall and also flower during the spring months for year round color.

Autumn Gold Maidenhair Ginkgo or Gingko Biloba Tree Growth Rate

Ginkgos are known for their spectacular show of yellow during the fall months. The gingko is a close relative of the conifer but instead of needles it has beautiful fan-shaped leaves. The leaves are similar in appearance to those found on the maidenhair fern; in fact the ginkgo is known in some places as the maidenhair tree. The gingko can grow as tall as 80 feet but most varieties top off at 40 feet.

Smoke Bush AKA Smoketree Pruning & Care (Cotinus coggygria)

The smoke bush is also referred to as the smoketree as it can either be allowed to grow as a shrub or pruned to grow into a small tree. The smokebush blooms with small yellow flowers in June which become long stalks with pink fuzzy hairs as the flowers begin to fade. The smokebush appears pinkish tan to purple and gives the impression of smoke, hence the name smokebush. During fall the leaves turn yellow or orange-red. The Royal Purple variety has purple leaves which turn to a deep red and the Ancot variety has lime green leaves which turn to a fiery orange. The smokebush will make a beautiful addition to any garden.

Katsura Japanese Maple Tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicium)

The katsura has branches that appear delicate with rounded leaves. The katura is renowned for its ability to provide shade during the summer before putting on a great show of yellow to pinkish foliage during the fall. As the leaves fall, the tree produces a spicy fragrance which many homeowners say resembles brown sugar. The katsura grows in a pyramid shape and can grow as high and wide as 60 feet.

Sugar Maple Tree (Acer spp.)

The sugar maple in particular makes a popular addition to gardens in Georgia and produces stunning foliage which turns red, orange and yellow. Maple trees can grow as high as 75 feet tall and 40 feet wide. If you are interested in a smaller tree, you can include the smaller Japanese varieties. Beware of Amur and Norway maples which are considered an invasive species.

Eastern Redbud Tree Varieties (Cercis spp.)

Despite the name redbud, the redbud tree produces bright pink to purple flowers during the spring before heart-shaped leaves begin to appear. Many varieties have leaves which turn yellow during the autumn and one variety called the Forest Pansy produces reddish-purple foliage during the fall. Redbuds are extremely drought tolerant and can grow in areas that are lightly shaded. Eastern varieties grow to approximately 35 feet and the western variety about 17 1/2 feet tall.

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