Best Time of Year to Trim & Prune Large Tree Branches in McDonough, GA Without Killing Trees

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to trimming and pruning trees and what season is the best time to accomplish the task. Depending on what extent you need to prune the tree will dictate when will be the best time to actually prune it. Light pruning can be done at various times throughout the year while major pruning should take place during certain seasons. Additionally, consideration as to when to prune or trim your trees will also depend on the species of tree you need to prune. Milam’s Tree Services would like to bring some clarity to this subject and better help you know when to prune your trees.

Best Times of Year to Trim & Prune Trees

Winter Tree Trimming & Pruning – Extensive pruning or tree trimming is usually done during the winter season when the trees go dormant. It is recommended you prune your trees during the winter season to promote a healthier and more vigorous burst of tree growth come the spring. However, keep in mind that it is best to prune during the end of the winter season when you are past the coldest parts of the winter for the best effect. Note that some species, such as maple or walnut trees, will bleed and sap may drip after pruning. This is normal and doesn’t affect the tree’s health. Come the spring and when the tree begins to sprout leaves, the bleeding will stop.
Summer Tree Trimming & Pruning – Pruning or trimming during the summer time has its place and is used for certain purposes. If you need to slow and direct certain branch growth, pruning can be done in the summer time. However it is best to wait until the seasonal growth has completed, which is when the tree has completely finished its leafing process. The tree needs its leave to breathe and bring nutrients into the tree’s roots. Another time you will want to trim during the summer is to prevent tree limbs from breaking and falling due to excess weight. Especially larger branches that are drooping due to too much weight that can cause damage should be removed.
Spring Tree Trimming & Pruning – Spring pruning should only be done on flowering trees and only to enhance the trees blooming. Additionally, spring pruning is very minimal. For example, to enhance flowering trees, you will want to remove the faded blooms but full limb removal is not necessary. You can also prune during mid to late summer for those late bloomers. Flowering trees vary in the time of year they bloom.
Fall Tree Trimming & Pruning – You should never prune during the fall season. During the autumn is when the leaves begin to fall. This is also when fungus and spores are most prominent. When you trim or prune a tree you are in a sense causing an open wound on the tree and with the tree beginning to go dormant, the wound will heal slower. With an open wound exposed to fungus and these spores, you can cause your tree to get infected.

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